What’s Current: Supreme Court to decide if legal definition of ‘sex’ will include gender identity amidst LGBT discrimination case

  • US Supreme Court justices clashed over the definition of  “sex” during deliberations in a case that will decide if gender identity will be treated as sex under law.
  • A study reveals that 96 per cent of deepfake videos on the internet are of women, mostly celebrities, superimposed into pornography. Deepfake, a portmanteau of “deep learning” and “fake video” incorporates AI to create realistic video content from several photographic images.
  • UK lawmakers will launch an inquiry into endometriosis following a BBC report which revealed that half of all respondents who suffer from the condition had suicidal thoughts and rely on painkillers on a regular basis.
  • A quarter of Navajo women and their infants were found to have uranium levels exceeding “the highest five per cent of the US population” as a result of government mining on Navajo reservations, according to research from the University of New Mexico.
  • Following Speak Up For Women’s announcement that they will host an event called Feminism 2020 on November 13 at Massey University, the group faced backlash from organizations attempting to shut down the event. On their website, Speak Up For Women addresses the misinformation:

“Feminism 2020 will be a discussion of feminism led by women and open to all. All that is, barring those who wish to disrupt the event or may be a threat to the security of those attending in peace: like all “uppity women” Speak Up For Women have received threats for openly agreeing to the groups principles.

The phenomenon of gender identity may well be discussed, along with other issues pertinent to women’s lives.”

Genevieve Gluck

Genevieve Gluck is a writer and advocate for women's sex-based rights and creator of Women's Voices, an audio library dedicated to bringing awareness to feminist texts and speeches.