What’s Current: Online petition claims The Guardian publishes ‘abusive articles about trans people’

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  • Over two thousand people have signed an online letter to The Guardian, protesting the newspaper’s alleged “pattern of abusive articles about trans people.” The petition claims:

“In the past year you have run many articles seeking to position trans women as a threat to cis women, and arguing that cis women object to–and should object to–trans women in women only space.”

“We believe that trans women are women who experience the same gender based discrimination, harassment, and abuse as cis women (and more) and are our sisters.”

“We believe that making women only spaces inclusive and welcoming to trans women is fundamental to feminism.”

  • CBC News reports women’s shelters in Kitimat B.C., are overwhelmed with growing numbers of women seeking refuge, as an influx of nearly 7,000 predominately male workers are allegedly making the community dangerous for women.
  • Critics say Mexican “nota roja” tabloids are reinforcing gender-based violence by publishing and profiting from uncensored and graphic photos of femicide victims with lewd headlines.
  • Sexist remarks have forced Australian newspaper The Herald Sun to shut down the comments section for coverage on women’s Australian rules football.
  • Hospital guidance from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde urging staff to chastise women who are uncomfortable with sharing a ward with trans-identified males is under review. The Times reports:

“NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde had urged staff to treat women who expressed discomfort sleeping next to patients who appeared male like racists. The health board has confirmed the policy is being reviewed after a consultation with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).”

Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.