What’s Current: Feminists in Mexico protest outside National Palace against political candidate accused of rape

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  • Feminists in Mexico protested outside of the National Palace, demanding justice for two women who say they were raped by former senator and candidate for a position as governor, Félix Salgado Macedonio. One woman was 17-years-old at the time of the assault.
  • A Chinese legislator will introduce a proposal to legalize gestational surrogacy, which is currently outlawed in the nation. Opponents expressed concern about ethical issues raised by surrogacy, including sex-selective birth and the exploitation of marginalized women.
  • A survey finds the majority of household chores are falling on girls and young women aged between 14 and 24 during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving them less time to focus on education.
  • Alabama’s Senate passed a bill banning cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries related to gender identity for minors under the age of 19. Across the US, at least 35 similar bills have been proposed, including legislation to enforce sex-based protections for women’s sports.
Genevieve Gluck

Genevieve Gluck is a writer and advocate for women's sex-based rights and creator of Women's Voices, an audio library dedicated to bringing awareness to feminist texts and speeches.