What’s Current: Record numbers of violence against female journalists recorded in March 2021

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  • A report by the Coalition for Women in Journalism recorded 111 instances of violence against female reporters worldwide in March 2021, the highest numbers ever recorded in a single month.
  • An official review finds the evidence for using puberty blockers to treat children with gender dysphoria is “very low,” stating that existing studies of the drugs are small and prone to “bias and confounding.”
  • Israel’s far-right Noam party, ally to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, demands that he back down from the country’s commitment to gender equality and combatting violence against women be cancelled.
  • As Egypt’s grassroots feminist movement gains momentum, the Egyptian government moves to restrict women’s rights. France24 reports:

“In January, the Egyptian cabinet approved a personal status bill that would require women to get the consent of a male guardian to get married, to register a child’s birth or to travel abroad. The draft law also gives fathers priority in child custody matters (currently mothers are given priority) and allows fathers to prevent mothers from traveling with their children.”


Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.