What’s Current: Female corrections officers speak out against California trans inmate law

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  • Female correctional officers in California are speaking out against a new state law requiring them to strip search trans-identified male inmates in women’s prisons. In an internal email obtained by FOX40, the prison administration states:

“Female staff that do not want to perform the strip out will be given a direct order by the supervisor to perform the strip out and if they still refuse that supervisor will author a memo and provide it to the facility captain in regards to insubordination.”

  • CNN reports 170 women in Chile claim they’ve fallen pregnant while taking faulty birth control pills distributed by the country’s government.
  • Australia’s prime minister says the country will scrap exemptions for politicians and judges from sexual harassment laws, as his government faces claims of mistreatment from women lawmakers and staff.
  • Thousands rally in Kyrgyzstan against alleged police inaction over the murder of a woman kidnapped for marriage, as bride abduction remains widespread in the country despite government pledges to crack down on the practice.
  • A Toronto police officer faces criminal charges and is suspended with pay for hiring a prostitute and bringing a gun to the encounter.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.