What’s Current: Federal judge tosses lawsuit seeking to bar males from competing in Connecticut girls high school sports

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  • A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit seeking to bar trans-identified males from competing in girls’ high school sports in Connecticut. The lawsuit was filed in February 2020 by female athletes who say they were deprived of wins and athletic opportunities after being forced to compete against two trans-identified males.
  • Quebec announces a $223 million budget to aid victims of domestic violence after 10 women were killed by abusive partners this year. Advocates warn this is just a “Band-Aid” solution for overwhelmed women’s shelters that fails to address systemic racism and underlying issues that cause domestic violence.
  • Child brides will no longer be included in India’s largest survey of domestic violence due to new child protection laws, even after previous data showed that nearly one in six teen brides are abused by their husbands.
  • Thousands of protestors rally in France after the killer of a Jewish woman was declared not criminally responsible and unfit to stand trial.
  • Egypt introduces tougher penalties for female genital mutilation, imposing prison sentences of up to 20 years to crack down on the practice.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.