What’s Current: Trans-identified males with sex convictions against women lawful in female jails, UK High Court rules

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  • The UK High Court has ruled that it is lawful for trans-identified males with convictions for sexual or violent assault against women to be housed in female prisons. The ruling comes after a female prisoner was allegedly sexually assaulted by a male prisoner challenged the Ministry of Justice over the policy. BBC News reports:

“The judge ruled barring all trans women from female prisons would ignore their right to live as their chosen gender.

Women’s prisons can house inmates who were born male but identify as female, regardless of whether they have gone through any physical transformation or have obtained a gender recognition certificate.”

  • Turkey has officially withdrawn from an international treaty to combat violence against women. Femicides have been surging in the nation with one watch group documenting approximately one murder per day over the past five years.
  • Women in Lebanon are experiencing period poverty as the country’s economic crisis worsens with more than half of their population living in poverty.
  • A new case has been registered against Twitter in Delhi over pornographic material involving children being “continuously” posted on the site.
  • A recent study found that Indigenous women in four different Latin American countries are exposed to dangerously high levels of mercury as a result of nearby mining practices.