What’s Current: UK court overturns ruling limiting puberty blockers for children under 16

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  • The U.K. Court of Appeal has reversed their 2020 ruling that children under the age of 16 lacked capacity to give informed consent to puberty blockers. The case was originally brought by Keira Bell, who says the clinic should have challenged her more over transitioning.
  • Afghan women around are sharing photos of themselves on social media wearing traditional colorful clothing, using the hashtag #DoNotTouchMyClothes. The campaign is a response to a sit-down organized by the Taliban at Kabul University, where hundreds of women appeared all-black clothing covering their entire face and body.
  • The Taliban government announced that secondary schools for boys will re-open this month, but made no mention of when female students can return to class.
  • A U.K. police watchdog suggests that preventing violence against women should be considered as much of a priority as anti-terrorism. The comments came after an investigation found “inconsistencies” in dealing with the epidemic of violence against women.