What’s Current: UK athletic equality group reports ‘transgender inclusion, fairness and safety often cannot co-exist’ in sports

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  • The Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG) in the U.K. released new guidance stating that, “for many sports, the inclusion of transgender people, fairness and safety cannot co-exist in a single competitive model”. The report concluded that “testosterone suppression is unlikely to guarantee fairness between transgender women and natal females in gender-affected sports.” 
  • A U.K. court has heard that the police officer who kidnapped, raped, and murdered Sarah Everard was “attracted to brutal sexual pornography.”
  • A man has appeared in court charged with the “premeditated and predatory” murder of primary school teacher Sabina Nessa.
  • Women’s March demonstrators are mobilizing over 650 marches across the U.S. to support women’s reproductive rights following a wave of anti-choice legislation.