What’s Current: European Court of Human Rights rules urgent changes needed to curb domestic abuse in Russia

  • The European Court of Human Rights ruled that “urgent changes” are needed for Russia to curb domestic violence and ordered the nation to pay compensation to four women who were survivors of violent attacks.
  • Six California men have been accused of a “prolific” string of robberies targeting Asian women in San Fransisco Bay Area. Authorities report that the men allegedly preyed on over 100 women.
  • New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams is set to appoint a woman to serve as commissioner and lead the city’s police department for the first time in its 176-year history.
  • Hospitals in Afghanistan are facing a dire shortage of supplies and medicine for new mothers in maternity wards. Preliminary research estimates that the ongoing humanitarian crisis and lack of healthcare services for women could result in up to 58,000 maternal deaths.