What’s Current: Austin panel will address women’s alienation from the left

  • On June 10, Keri Smith, Mary Lou Singleton, Michelle Evans, and Meghan Murphy will speak at the Austin Public Library on topics including women’s sex-based rights, free speech, bodily autonomy, civil rights, and the left. The event, hosted by Feminists for Free Speech (FFS) is the first of its kind, as women across the political spectrum discuss their views on controversial topics such gender identity, reproductive rights, vaccine mandates, civil liberties, the Democrats, woke activism, and more. Get tickets via Eventbrite.
  • Spain’s government is preparing draft legislation addressing women’s rights, including allow women three to five days of menstrual leave a month.
  • An Ottawa City Councillor suggests stickers saying such things as “Biological Reality” and “Keep Prisons Single Sex” should be reported to the police.
  • Calvin Klein features a pregnant “man” in a Mother’s Day ad campaign.
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