What’s Current: Two men take first and second place in London cycling race for women and ‘non-binary people’

  • On Thursday, Emily Bridges and Lilly Chant, two biological men who identify as transgender, won the first and second place slots at ThunderCrit, London’s largest fixed gear cycling race. A photo circulating online shows the two men kissing, while the woman who placed third, Jo Smith, holds her baby. All three competed in ThunderCrit’s Lightning category, which their website specifies is for “cis-women, non-binary people” and “trans men and women whose physical performance aligns most closely with cis-women.” The site specifies that “cis-people cannot choose their racing category. Cis-men will race in the Thunder category, cis-women will race in the Lightning category.”
  • Yola Jimenez, singer Lykke Li, and stylist Gina Correll Aglietti partner to create a female-centered Mezcal company. Yola Mezcal is one of the few female-owned mezcal businesses in Oaxaca. A traditionally matriarchal spirit, Mezcal recipes are often passed down from mothers to daughters. A limited-edition Wild Agave Yola Mezcal launching this summer will give 50 per cent of its proceeds to Oaxaca-based education programmes for indigenous women and girls.
  • Dozens of feminist groups in Nicaragua supporting vulnerable women have been labelled “foreign agents” and outlawed by the government.
Meghan Murphy

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