What’s Current: Mother ordered to pay £300 to trans-identified male over ‘transphobic’ comments on Twitter

Chinzia Ogilvie (pictured) was accused of making ‘transphobic’ comments on Twitter
  • A U.K. mother is ordered to compensate a trans-identified male £300 for arguing on Twitter that men should be barred from women-only facilities.
  • Google will pay $118 million to settle a class-action gender discrimination lawsuit involving 15,500 women employees for underpaying female workers and placing women in jobs with little room for career advancement.
  • A group of women are brutally beaten by nine men after one of them was sexually harassed by a man and rejected him at a Tangshin restaurant. Footage of the attack is circulating online, igniting public outrage over violence against women in China.
  • Retailers and manufacturers confirm a shortage of menstrual products caused by inflation and supply chain issues has hit the United States, as women speak out about rising sanitary product prices and empty store shelves.
  • An inmate at a California women’s correctional facility claims women inmates are being “punished” for speaking out against trans-identified males being transferred to California women’s prisons in an interview with Reduxx.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.