What’s Current: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health says hormone treatment for kids can start at 14

  • The World Professional Association for Transgender health updated their guidelines to lower the minimum recommended age for minors to begin gender transition treatment, including surgeries and cross-sex hormones. The association says hormones can be started at age 14, two years earlier than the group’s previous advice, and some surgeries can be done as early as 15 years old, a year or so earlier than previous guidance.
  • The Countess, an Irish women’s advocacy group, has launched a campaign to raise awareness surrounding proposed legislation that would remove sex-based language such as woman, female, and mother from maternity law.
  • A U.S. federal appeals court is set to consider whether to reinstate an Arkansas law banning doctors from providing puberty blockers to minors as part of “gender transition” treatment.
  • The United States has seen an eight per cent increase in abortion procedures from 2020-2022, reversing a 30-year trend of declining numbers.