What’s Current: BBC staff protest decision to allow 50:50 gender equality project to treat men as women

  • The BBC’s 50:50 gender equality project, founded by presenter by Ros Atkin, encourages BBC editors to monitor the number of contributors on their programmes to gather data and set diversity benchmarks, with the aim of at least half being women. The decision to allow men who self-identify as women to take women’s places on programmes has sparked backlash from BBC staff who say trans activists are “hijacking” the equality scheme. A senior BBC insider told The Telegraph:

“The BBC has now ‘disappeared’ women as a sex class and instead monitors ‘gender identity’. It’s redefined a word which we all understand, without any public debate, and Ros Atkins has gone along with the change.”

  • Around 9,000 kids treated for “gender dysphoria” in the last decade will have their medical records studied to evaluate whether NHS counselling and puberty blocking drugs are harming young people.
  • Women in Sri Lanka are forced to prostitute themselves for food and money in “makeshift brothels” following massive layoffs in the textile industry as the country faces economic crisis.
  • Prime Minister Yair Lapid addresses Israel’s epidemic of violence against women, bringing attention to recent cases in which the common denominator is “terrible violence directed at women.”
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.