What’s Current: University of Washington misrepresents study findings that hormones do not improve mental health of trans-identified youth

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  • Internal emails between staff at UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s Hospital reveal that officials covered up negative study findings for children receiving “gender-affirming care.” Researchers at the University of Washington found that puberty blockers and hormones did not improve the mental health of trans-identified teens, but published a study claiming they did.
  • Police in Berkeley, California allowed a trans-identified male and suspected pedophile to walk free from a sting conducted by “predator hunters” despite evidence that revealed his interest in abusing children.
  • Organizations in the U.K. are urging the nation to take Scotland’s lead and make menstrual products free in public settings in an effort to end period poverty.
  • The Port Townsend police are investigating approximately five cases of “very minor assault” and “robberies” in connection with a rally in support of Julie Jaman, a woman banned from her local pool for asking a man to leave the female change room.