What’s Current: Montana health officials adopt rule making it near impossible to change sex on birth certificates

  • Montana’s public health department adopts a new rule making it nearly impossible for a person to change their sex on their birth certificate. According to the new rule, sex on a birth certificate can now only be changed if it was listed incorrectly on the original certificate “as a result of a scrivener’s error or a data entry error” or if “the sex of the individual was misidentified on the original certificate and the department receives a correction affidavit and supporting documents… including a copy of the results of chromosomal, molecular, karyotypic, DNA, or genetic testing that identify the sex of the individual.”
  • Over 50 trans activists attempt to drown out six women protesting gender ideology at a Speaker’s Corner free speech event in Pittsburgh. The Rev Foxx USA group held signs reading, “No child is born in the wrong body” and “Puberty is not a medical problem.”
  • Women and girls in Afghanistan’s Paktia province rally in the streets after their schools are shut down by Taliban authorities, days after resuming classes in defiance of the Islamists’ restrictions on women and girls’ education.
  • Student women’s rights activists in Mexico say trans activists took over their campus’ largest female washroom in retaliation against feminists painting a lesbian pride symbol on a university library wall.
  • Chinese actor Li Yifeng is detained in Beijing on accusations that he solicited sex from prostituted women on multiple occasions.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.