What’s Current: Cross-party ‘biology policy unit’ aims to stop gender ideology from compromising women’s and children’s rights

Joanna Cherry defies Nicola Sturgeon as she joins policy unit to stop gender identity ‘compromising’ women’s rights
  • Three female politicians in the UK launch a biology policy unit to stop gender identity ideology from “compromising” women’s and children’s rights. SNP MP Joanna Cherry KC, Labour MP Rosie Duffield, and Conservative peer Baroness Jenkins aim to ensure policies based on gender identity theory are documented and scrutinized.
  • NHS England says children who believe they are transgender should not be encouraged to change their name and pronouns. Services replacing the Tavistock Centre will also tighten controls on medical treatment for trans-identified children, including a ban on prescribing puberty blockers outside of clinical trials.
  • Event management website Eventbrite deletes gender critical campaign group Standing For Women from the platform, along with Kellie-Jay Keen’s “Let Women Speak” events scheduled across the US.
  • A woman claims to have been arrested after asking a man to leave the women’s washroom in a bar in Cardiff, Wales. Going by the name “Kate,” the woman tells Reduxx she “confronted the trans-identified male and asked him to leave the women’s restroom,” saying, “You’re a man, you shouldn’t be in here.” Kate says bar staff were then alerted, and, while she was still in the restroom, approached her and demanded she leave. The police arrived, placed her in handcuffs, detained her, and eventually let her go.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.