What’s Current: Registered sex offender uses trans identity to access women’s shelter

  • A trans-identified man who is a registered sex offender used a female name to gain entry to a domestic violence shelter for women and children in Scotland. Katie Dolatowski was allowed to stay at the Leeds Women’s Aid Refuge for 71 days before being removed.
  • A report by Keep Prisons Single Sex discovers a legal “loophole” that allows criminals to hide prior convictions by self-identifying as transgender when applying for jobs in the U.K., potentially giving pedophiles access to work involving children.
  • An Australian lesbian activist lodges a discrimination complaint against retailer Target, claiming a staff member told her to leave for openly discussing lesbian rights and wearing a shirt featuring the logo of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Tasmania.
  • A woman incarcerated in a Sask. prison continues her eight-week hunger strike to protest the treatment of Indigenous women in jail, leading others to join.
  • The Taliban is promoting women’s medical education in an effort to segregate medical care by sex following the hardline Islamists’ return to power in Afghanistan, the Washington Post reports.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.