What’s Current: Trans activist, Dana Rivers, found guilty of triple murder

  • Dana Rivers, 67 (born David Chester Warfield), a trans-identified male, is found guilty of the brutal murder of Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed, a married lesbian couple, and Toto Diambu (known as Benny Diambu-Wright), their 19-year-old son. Rivers was a prominent trans activist in California, and became known in 1999 after being fired from Center High School in Sacramento County, California for discussing his “sexuality and the importance of gender self-determination” in class with students. Rivers had been active in “Camp Trans,” a campaign against Michfest’s annual woman-only festival, which finally ended in 2015. Patricia and Charlotte were regular attendees at Michfest.
  • A woman is kicked out of a Holyrood equalities committee meeting after her scarf in suffragette colors was deemed inappropriate by parliament staff. Scottish parliament presiding officer has since apologized for the “error.”
  • Over 130 notable feminists and advocacy organizations sign an open letter in support of actress Amber Heard, denouncing online harassment and intimidation of women who report abuse. Heard is at the centre of a media firestorm after ex-husband Johnny Depp sued Heard for writing an op-ed in which she alleged experiencing domestic violence.
  • Hundreds of women who were sexually abused by New York prison guards will sue the state under new legislation that allows survivors to take legal action no matter how much time has passed since their assault.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.