What’s Current: Meghan Murphy reinstated to Twitter four years after deplatforming

  • On Sunday evening, the Twitter account of Feminist Current founder and host of The Same Drugs, Meghan Murphy, was restored after she was permanently banned in 2018 for referring to a trans-identified male as “he,” and tweeting, “Men aren’t women.” Elon Musk’s takeover of the company has seen the return of numerous high profile accounts, including Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, and Kanye West.
  • British Ministry of Justice employees are told to avoid using phrases like “gender critical” and “protect women and girls” in order to be transgender allies in an email for “transgender awareness week.”
  • The alleged gunman who shot five dead and injured dozens at Colorado Springs’ Club Q was able to obtain the firearm used in the attack despite prior convictions for threatening his mother with weapons and holding his family hostage, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • Argentina’s president declares three days of national mourning for human rights activist Hebe de Bonafini, who died at age 93. Bonafini is celebrated for creating the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo with other women in 1977 to demand the return of their children who were kidnapped by the country’s military dictatorship.
  • Quebec launches an investigation into claims that an unnamed college women’s basketball coach abused players for the past 30 years, after seven women came forward with sexual assault and physical violence allegations.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.