What’s Current: BC Liberal MLA Renee Merrifield under attack for ‘liking’ tweet supporting single-sex bathrooms

  • Progressive politicians are accusing BC MLA and BC Liberals’ critic for gender and equity Renee Merrifield of “transphobia” after she “liked” a tweet by women’s rights advocate, Kara Dansky. The tweet read:

On Friday, the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled that sex means sex (not ‘gender identity’) under Title IX and that schools may constitutionally maintain single-sex bathrooms. Great news for women and girls!”

Some MLAs have called for Merrifield to be removed from her position, as a result.

  • Artist Nina Paley raised 150% of her goal for the comic book she was creating on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. After the campaign ended on Tuesday, she ordered books from the printer. On Thursday, IndiegoGo canceled the campaign and refunded the donors, with no appeal, determining her project “doesn’t comply with Indiegogo’s Terms of Use.” 
  • Incels are “transitioning” in order to escape a lonely, sexless life in a trend called “Transmaxxing.” The practice is viewed as “a route to deincelization” or “a way for two young incels [to] transition and then date each other.”
Meghan Murphy

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