What’s Current: Trans activists storm McGill University gender identity talk, forcing cancellation

  • On Tuesday, trans activists stormed into a talk at McGill University led by McGill alumnus Prof. Robert Wintemute. The talk, called “Sex vs. Gender (Identity) Debate In the United Kingdom and the Divorce of LGB from T,” was cancelled after protesters entered the venue and threw baking flour at Wintemute and unplugged a projector he used for the event. Wintemute told CTV News that Canadian universities should be shocked by the protest, which he called “extremely anti-democratic.”
  • According to a report by child advocacy group, Common Sense Media, three-quarters of teenagers have seen online pornography by the time they are 17, with the average age of first exposure at age 12. Much of the exposure was by accident — 58 percent of teenagers said they did not seek it out, but had come across pornography while surfing the web, on social media, through search engines, or clicking ads.
  • A Brazilian man calling himself Kim Flores Carlos has filed a lawsuit against a waxing salon after he was denied service. He made an appointment by phone, giving a female name, according to the salon owner, Isabel Martins da Silva, then when he arrived for his appointment, was brought to a private room to await the female esthetician, who, after entering the room, came back to reception, saying the client was a man in his underwear, with full male genitalia (testicles and penis) and an erection.
Meghan Murphy

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