What’s Current: North Dakota passes bill criminalizing ‘gender affirming’ surgeries and hormones for minors

  • The North Dakota House of Representatives passes HB 1254, which criminalizes “gender-affirming” surgeries and medications on minors, with 66 votes.
  • Keep Prisons Single Sex USA funds a billboard outside the New York Times saying, “Male inmates are housed in women’s prisons based on self-declared ‘gender identity. This is newsworthy, isn’t it?”
  • A 59-year-old trans-identified male who is on the board of North Carolina’s National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter has been discovered to have been posting publicly about his BDSM and “sissification” fetishes on various social media platforms. James Gallmeier, aka Jenny-Jaymes Gunn, has been lobbying against State Bill 49, also called the “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” which would require schools to inform parents if their children seek to “change gender.”
  • Australian Federal Court heard initial proceedings in Tickle v Giggle, a case brought against Sall Grover by Roxanne Tickle, a 53-year-old man who was removed from Sall’s female-only app. Giggle is alleging unlawful discrimination under the Human Rights Commission Act.
Meghan Murphy

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