What’s Current: 42-year-old man in police custody after entering girls’ washroom in Peru

Walter César Solís Calero during arrest. Image: Teletcia
  • A 42-year-old man is in police custody after being caught entering the girls’ washroom at Rosa de América school in El Tambo, Peru. The man, identified as Walter César Solís Calero, was dressed as a schoolgirl. Reduxx reports:

“Solís was arrested, and police checked his mobile phone and discovered more photos of Solís dressed in school uniforms, some corresponding to other educational institutions, suggesting that he had entered other schools in the area using the same technique.”

  • Students belonging to Oxford University’s LGBTQ+ society demand feminist academic Kathleen Stock to be no-platformed at the Oxford Union, saying:

“Letting Stock bring her campaign of hate and misinformation to Oxford, allowing her to stoke fear against trans people without challenge or opposition right before Pride month, and at a time when the trans community is facing a constant attack on its lives and rights, is a move we vehemently oppose and will actively protest [against].

We call on the union to rescind its misguided invite, and on all Oxford students to stand in solidarity with the trans community and express their dissent with these views.”

  • Twelve-time All-American swimmer and former NCAA Champion Riley Gaines is scheduled to speak alongside feminist activists Amy Sousa and K. Yang at an event called, “Our Spaces, Our Sports: Women Hold the Line,” on Thursday in Franklin, TN. Get tickets on Eventbrite.
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