Trans activist arrested for telling crowd at London Pride to punch ‘TERFs’ in the face

Convicted murderer Sarah Jane Baker (born Alan Baker) has been arrested after telling a cheering crowd at London Pride, “If you see a TERF, punch them in the fucking face.”

Baker is the UK’s longest-serving trans-identified prisoner. Initially sentenced to nine years for kidnapping and torturing his stepmother’s brother, he then receiving additional time while in prison for attempting to murder a cellmate, meaning he was incarcerated for a total of 30 years.

The 53-year-old began identifying as a woman in 2013, and tried to cut off his own testicles in 2017. In an interview, he explained, “There was so much blood, I nearly died. But it meant the clinic had to give me estrogen.” Baker went on estrogen and underwent a £10,000 taxpayer-funded “sex change” operation while in prison. He was released in 2019, at which point he became a vocal trans activist, founding the Transgender Prisoner Alliance, which helps male inmates transfer into women’s prisons.

Reduxx reports that Baker was photographed at London Pride in 2021 holding a sign reading, “Be Trans, Do Crime.” In 2023, he was involved in a protest opposing a women’s rights conference held at University College London. That same year, he was caught on film protesting the launch of The Lesbian Project.

By his own accounts, Baker’s father was severely abusive when he was a child. He ended up in care homes, and was prostituted as a teenager.

Baker was arrested on July 12, telling an officer, “Trans rights are human rights. They won’t get rid of us, our existence is our resistance, you remember that.”

Meghan Murphy

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