The conversation about abuse in porn needs to extend beyond harm on set

Two women have gone public about abuse they were subjected to on porn sets, but in order to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to any other woman, we need to talk about why we allow men to sexualize violence against women in the first place.

How Hugh Hefner represents neoliberalism’s win

It is no accident that, as we celebrate individuals rather than movements for radical change, Hugh Hefner has been hailed as the leader of the sexual revolution.

It’s time for sex therapists to stop pushing porn

A startling number of sex therapists recommend commercial pornography to patients. While it might sound surprising that trained psychologists, counsellors and sexologists prescribe porn, sex therapy, and pornography have a long and…

The impact of porn culture on girls is too big to ignore

If we were to plot events that have significantly altered the female experience, one of them would have to be the arrival of porn culture and the role of technology in this…

Censoring pee porn won’t address the harm of pornography

A clause in a UK bill will, if successful, force internet service providers to block sites hosting content showing “non-conventional sexual acts.” This amendment in the Digital Economy Bill will likely prevent…