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Lesbian visibility matters now more than ever

Get The L Out is about more than defending lesbian’s sexual and political boundaries — it is also about creating a common future for lesbians and other women.

I’m coming out… In support of women

Sex, in terms of sexual orientation, matters, and it’s time for men to speak up about homophobic, anti-woman trans activism.

Gay men aren’t special

Powerful men need to be accused by dozens of women before there is a chance their careers will be affected. Kevin Spacey’s career seems to have come to an abrupt end on the word of one man.

Fifty Shades of Gay: Coming soon?

Media mainstreaming of heterosexual sadomasochism as “what women want” reached an astounding apex with Fifty Shades of Grey. Its literary precursor Story of O, also written by a woman, had book and…

Azealia Banks calls out the misogyny of gay men

If you haven’t gotten into Azealia Banks’ music yet, you’re missing out. She is a great rapper, is super outspoken, sticks her foot in her mouth sometimes, and isn’t afraid to get…