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Lesbian visibility matters now more than ever

Get The L Out is about more than defending lesbian’s sexual and political boundaries — it is also about creating a common future for lesbians and other women.

Gaye Chapman: The woman behind the flag

Julie Moss interviews Gaye Chapman, an out lesbian who went to the Los Angeles 2018 Pride festival with a self-made flag. A photo of Gaye has since circulated on social media alongside the words, “Real lesbians are back.”

Open letter in support of Martha Harvey

We stand in solidarity with Martha Harvey and with the principles of free speech, critical thought, and woman-centered politics.

On actual exclusivity at Pride

Within all the talk of “inclusivity,” lesbians are feeling unwelcome at Pride.

Johns are now an oppressed sexual minority

In a last-ditch effort to frame feminists as moralistic neocons and Oppressors of Freedom and Liberty, Alice Klein at NOW Magazine asks: Will johns become the new “fags?” You knew this was…