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Protecting men at the women’s shelter

Women, even at their most difficult, do not cause the same kind of problems that arise as a result of men’s presence in women’s shelters. Women do not treat other women the way men treat women. Women do not do to other women what men do to women.

11 ways men can respond productively to #MeToo

#MeToo has encouraged some men to post about their misogynist behaviour online, but they need to move beyond social media confessions.

Yes, you too

And what about the men?

On the death of Rob Ford and mourning abusive men

Rob Ford is dead. The former Toronto mayor died of cancer this morning, at 46-years-old. According to news reports and social media, we are in mourning, as always, expected to politely and…

Women-only public transit: Regressive or dreamy?

In what has shown itself to be a fairly controversial move, British Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has proposed women-only carriages on trains in the UK. How utterly regressive! some have…