PODCAST: Deep Green Resistance under attack

lexy johnson, rachel ivey

Deep Green Resistance (DGR) can loosely be described as a radical environmental movement that believes civilization, particularly industrial civilization, is unsustainable and must be dismantled in order to secure a livable future for the planet.

But DGR is also a movement that is firmly rooted in radical feminism. The group, and particular members of DGR, have recently come under attack because of their feminist critique of gender.

A campaign was mounted by a few individuals to cancel the speaking engagements of Rachel Ivey as a result of a  presentation on gender and patriarchy, which you can watch here:


Members have been labelled as bigots and subjected to death and rape threats. At a conference last month in Portland, DGR members were confronted aggressively by a number of other conference attendees and their materials were defaced. The conference organizers did nothing to intervene nor did they issue an apology for failing to uphold the “safe space” policy.

Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter recently issued a statement of support, saying:

“We condemn the attack on members of Deep Green Resistance at the Law and Disorder Conference in Portland, Oregon. We are appalled by the conference organizers utter refusal to protect DGR members from threats, bullying and silencing and troubled that no other participant interfered or insisted that the conference will practice its premise for ‘safe space.'”

I spoke with two members of Deep Green Resistance — Rachel Ivey and Lexy Johnson — about the controversy, the events in Portland, and DGR’s feminism. You can listen to that interview below.

PODCAST: Deep Green Resistance under attack
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