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Lesbian visibility matters now more than ever

Get The L Out is about more than defending lesbian’s sexual and political boundaries — it is also about creating a common future for lesbians and other women.

It’s only women’s sport, after all

Jonathan Liew is The Independent’s Chief Sports Writer; so why doesn’t he understand the importance of sex-segregated sport?

PODCAST: Julie Bindel on growing up a working class lesbian

When the Working Class Movement Library — a small, volunteer-run library in Salford, England that holds records and stories of working class people’s lives and activism — announced they would be hosting…

#WeAreTheLeft: The day identity politics killed identity politics

#WeAreTheLeft pic.twitter.com/nUCec4Gi25 — HR-Compliant Freddie (@freddiedeboer) July 13, 2016 Yesterday, the ongoing self-parody that is liberal feminism reached its natural pinnacle with #WeAreTheLeft. In a letter to no one in particular, a…