Thanks to trans activism, 2017 saw a return to old-school, sexist dismissals of women and women’s rights

When academics and leftists dismiss women’s concerns about their rights as a “moral panic,” they place themselves among the ranks of anti-feminists and the alt-right.

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There is much we could say, looking back on the past year. Horrible men have simultaneously been rewarded (with the mere presidency, no biggie) and held to account en masse (largely through the #MeToo campaign). Feminism has apparently seen a surge in popularity, as it was named word of the year by Merriam-Webster, the Women’s March which took place last January was the largest single-day protest in U.S. history, and “The Silence Breakers” were named Time magazine’s Person of the YearAmid all that, there has naturally been backlash. Women’s rights remain under threat and those who claim to be allies — queer activists, the left, and liberals — have attempted to reframe feminist analysis as hate speech.

Despite all this, Meg-John Barker, an academic who teaches Psychology at the Open University, claims, in an article for The Conversation, that 2017 represents “a year of transgender moral panic.” While Barker notes that just three years ago, 2014 was hailed the “transgender tipping point,” thanks to the sudden emergence and celebration of trans-identified celebrities like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock in the media, 2017, she complains, saw an “anti-trans” backlash of sorts.

Barker is not the first to try to paint the public (and, in particular, feminist) response to the transgender trend as little more than irrational hysteria. Dear Owen Jones, who has been reduced to spluttering, hyperbolic tirades over the fact women have been permitted to publicly ask questions about the impact of gender identity ideology and legislation on their sex-based rights and protections, has also labelled this response a “moral panic.”

Jones is right when he says it seems as though history is repeating itself, but not in the way he means.

Feminists and women’s rights campaigners have been painted as hysterical and had their concerns dismissed as some kind of “moral panic” since the first wave. Feminist advocacy against sexual harassment, domestic abuse, rape, pornography, and prostitution have been labelled as “moral panics” in order to write women’s concerns about their own lives and oppression off as emotion-based and irrational, rather than genuine, rational, and worthy of consideration.

It is ever-interesting to me that, somehow, women’s interest in being treated as human beings and in avoiding male violence is consistently reduced to paranoia and prudishness. Instead of responding to our political analysis and arguments, women are painted, time and time again, as irrationally fearful. (As though we should not fear male violence?)

When we question men’s right to buy access to the bodies of women and girls we are called “whorephobic,” for example. When we challenge the efforts of trans activists to destroy women’s spaces and to infringe on women’s sex-based rights, we are labelled “transphobic.” Women who say pornography dehumanizes and degrades women are written off as “prudes,” as though the only possible reason we could have for disliking incest and gang bangs is that we aren’t sexually liberated.

Interestingly, anti-capitalists are never accused of being afraid of money and environmentalists are not called “pollutionphobic.” No progressive person would accuse a Black Lives Matters activist of creating a “moral panic” around white supremacy and racist police violence. It is absolutely no coincidence that those who consider themselves to be leftists and in solidarity with social justice movements have no qualms dismissing women’s political activism in this way, and resorting to old-school, sexist stereotypes when it comes to feminism.

That transgenderism has become such a central debate in the public sphere and among feminists should come as no shock, considering how quickly this ideology and individuals who identify as trans have shot to prominence in every arena from academia, sports, media, and politics. Nonsensical terms like “cis” and “cisgender privilege” have been adopted almost universally by liberal feminist writers and progressive media, despite a large quotient of women repeatedly stating the term is insulting and misunderstands how gender works under patriarchy. Within only a few years, policies and legislation supporting the notion of “gender identity” have been proposed and adopted throughout Western nations, with little debate or attention to impacts on women. Simultaneously, those who question, challenge, or simply attempt to discuss the idea of transgenderism, the transing of children, the righteousness of trans activism, and gender identity legislation are bullied, no-platformed, smeared, and subjected to threats.

It is no wonder the debate has become heated. Indeed, it is what you can expect when people are forced to adopt dogma and silenced or accused of “violence” when they try to ask questions.

The notion that “gender identity” exists at all flies in the face of feminist analysis, which says being born female is what forces women into an oppressed class of people, regardless of whether or not they identify with that position. But this point, as well as the concerns women have expressed around the impact of writing something as vague and as regressive as “gender identity” into legislation, including questions around whether males should be permitted in female prisons, change rooms, and transition houses, go unacknowledged and unaddressed by trans activists and queer theorists like Barker. Instead, she paints challenges to this ideology as nothing more than a hateful, unfounded, irrational attack on trans-identified individuals, writing:

“A moral panic is the process of arousing social concern over an issue. Moral panics often involve scapegoating a particular group as the ‘evil’ responsible for a range of societal ills.”

Indeed, Barker sounds no different than the anti-feminists over at Spiked, who claim the #MeToo campaign is a “harassment panic” that demonizes men unfairly. She claims trans-identified people are vilified by challenges to and questions about transgenderism, trans activism, and policies that allow men to enter into women-only spaces, simply based on self-identification, intentionally declining to acknowledge that what women fear is not an abstract trans-identified person, but men, specifically. No one has argued, as Barker claims, that trans-identified people are specifically dangerous or violent. What has been argued is that males are a threat to females, regardless of how they identify. If this fact is indeed considered a “moral panic” in the eyes of people like Jones and Barker, then they are better suited for the alt-right crowd than they are among progressives.

Barker says that this kind of “moral panic” (commonly known as “feminism”) exists to “enable us to attack a specific group for problems we’re all implicated in”… As though we have no idea who is doing all the raping and beating in this world and as though women are equally as culpable…

This kind of victim-blaming, sexist nonsense has no place in the 21st century. The cult of transgenderism will be short lived. Too many have seen this trend for what it is and have been put off by the violent, misogynistic, dishonest tactics of trans activists. If our future is indeed one wherein women succeed in overcoming patriarchal oppression, academics like Barker who use their platform to manipulate and lie in order to push forward a foundationless ideology will be judged savagely by history, mocked as flat-earthers and condemned as witch hunters.

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

Founder & Editor

Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist. She has been podcasting and writing about feminism since 2010 and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including New Statesman, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Globe and Mail, I-D, Truthdig, and more. Meghan completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her dog.

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  • thebewilderness

    DARVO is a term used to describe how the abusers reframe conflict to their advantage. More and more trans advocates seem to me to be abusive males putting on the usual public displays of male dominance.

  • diannebrown

    Well, I have been saying for some time now that trans ideology itself is a kind of moral panic. And I think my point of view has more grounding than theirs.

    From its beginning, contemporary trans activism has spread hyperbole and false claims about the dangers faced by trans people, and has associated these supposed dangers with any criticism of their ideas or tactics.

    First we were given the absurd statistic that “1 in 12” trans people were murdered (remember that one?) Then we were told that, OK, maybe not 1 in 12, but trans people are murdered at a higher rate than any other demographic.

    That was debunked. (They’re not.)

    Inflated suicide rates. Taking Janice Raymond’s words out of context to suggest she wants trans people to die. Claims that disagreement with the axiom “trans women are women” is directly responsible for violence against trans women.

    Trans activism is the moral panic.

  • MsBAF

    Yes! Thank you

  • fragglerock

    “intentionally declining to acknowledge that what women fear is not an abstract trans-identified person, but men, specifically”

    Yes! Somehow, people have acknowledged that men will become priests, teachers, children’s entertainers, and scout leaders in order to gain access to children yet are unable or unwilling to acknowledge that an opportunistic man would present as a woman to gain access to women and children. We’ll acknowledge that men can be turned on by wearing women’s clothing but not that they might identify as trans to legitimize and sanction their fetish while escaping scrutiny?

    It’s been an unspoken rule for years that women may enter men’s bathrooms if the line is too long but that men may NOT enter women’s bathrooms for ANY reason. Now, is that because we acknowledged as a society that women were a vulnerable population or because we acknowledged men, as a group, were a threat? Or both?

    While gaslighting of women is an age-old tactic of the patriarchy, it still astounds me when I see it happening on this scale.

  • Omzig Online

    Transgenderism needs to be kicked back to the 1950’s, where it belongs.

    And they can take their trashy neurosexism, their shitty gender stereotypes, and their hyperbolic scare tactics with them.

  • foamreality

    Actually, I have been in a moral panic for a long time. Sick to the stomach. Panicking about the moral depravity of rape and porn culture as it continues to expand and dominate our every day lives seems perfectly rational to me. The lack of panic is why society is still facing catastrophic global warming. If you ask me i think we need to see more people panicking about the present moral compass of this male dominated world. If there really is a moral panic – good! Theres hope that grotesque inhuman treatment toward women wont be tolerated by some.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Fair enough! I often respond to being called ‘moralistic’ by asking what the hell is wrong with having morals and ethics. Of course, this is not what they mean by ‘moral panic’…

    • thebewilderness

      Panic, when it does not cause us to freeze, causes us to look for solutions everywhere. I have only felt panic once as an adult. I turned in a complete circle and bam solved the problem.
      I think everyone can see who is carrying baseball bats to beat women into submission. A bit of moral panic over such aggressive behavior is not out of order given out history.

    • Leo

      ‘The lack of panic is why society is still facing catastrophic global warming.’

      True. Meghan is right about environmentalists not getting called ‘pollutionphobic’, but vegans do CONSTANTLY get accused of moralising, being ‘preachy’, etc, no matter how careful we are about how we phrase things (you can’t win even if all you do is make recipe suggestions), and even when the topic is global warming and people are talking about the need to combat it. I think it’s because, as with feminism, it asks people to look at their own actions more, and would be majorly disruptive to status quo. I think even to male dominance, because though vegan dudes can be just as sexist as any, it’s not as compatible with the ideology – get dudes to value life and want to stop the killing and they’re part, though not all, of the way there, at least. So maybe that’s part of why other dudes can react as though it’s such a threat, masculinity is def. a factor.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Yes, sister!

  • Omzig Online

    I submitted the word “empowered” to be considered for the Banished Words List.

    To be honest, it’s a perfectly good word, but its constant misuse has rendered it utterly worthless. (i.e. “Prostitution can be empowering!”)

    • Hekate Jayne

      I hadn’t thought about it, but you are right.

      I only ever hear that word, empowering, when libfems are talking about boner pleasing.

      College, equal pay, universal childcare, universal healthcare, etc. are never empowering.

      Wanting to stop women and girls being trafficked? NOT EMPOWERING.

      Boner pleasing of every sort? EMPOWERING.

      Yep. I am sick of that word, too.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I wish I could high five you.

    I needed to hear that. Thank you.

  • FierceMild

    Well, our future is either, “one wherein women succeed in overcoming patriarchal oppression,” or one wherein mammalian life more or less ceases to exist on a planet inhabited primarily by cuttlefish…we’ve got about four score and seven years to decide which it will be.

  • FierceMild

    Absolutely. They hate and attack feminists, radical feminists in particular, because we are the only group that actually poses any kind of threat to them.

  • FierceMild

    I agree. Transgenderism requires the rejection of biology. That’s not something we can successfully reject. This Emporer is naked, everybody knows it, it’s obly a matter of time before the right voice points it out.

  • FierceMild

    I think they wore skirts in the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia.

  • FierceMild

    Also, if you’d like to see a full-on moral panic replete with gasps and pearl clutching just say the word “trannie” in public. You’ll receive more outrage then a man who masturbates in front of strangers.

    • M. Zoidberg


    • thebewilderness

      I noticed that too, that trans advocates appear to be addicted to the delicious chum bucket of outrage.

  • Tinfoil the Hat

    Thank you. With every new day, I fall more and more into despair. I will take a screenshot of this to help me through.

  • FierceMild

    You might be right.

  • MotherBear84

    Yes! Loved this: ” It is one hundred years since women won the vote (not, ‘were given the vote’ or ‘granted’ the vote)” Thank you for highlighting that crucial distinction.

  • MotherBear84

    As my sister likes to quote (not sure who she’s quoting but): Words Mean Things.

    It’d be nice if more people believed that.

  • corvid

    For sure. Not just pink and blue either, but *pastel* pink and blue. Colors more commonly associated with gender-coded infants’ gear than a political movement. Which kind of speaks to the level of maturity at play here.

    • Omzig Online

      It is so fucking infantilizing.

      • Milli

        In fact, I think that infantilizing aspect is the crucial part. Appropriation of womanhood or performance of femininity is based on youthfulness, it´s all very “girly”. Germaine Greer once said that women start to disappear, there are only girls on public. Nothing wrong with girls or girlhood but this is denial of aging, denial of experiences women go through in different stages of their lives. I would go so far that this is denial of many bad experiences they have (often with men) and that desire to take their agency and full-formed opinions away (with their adulthood) is present. I contemplated if all those men who advocate for trans rights don´t do it exactly because they find new group for patronizing. Benevolent sexism toward women is “so right wing” – benevolent sexism toward transgender people is “progressive”. Same old patterns, nothing changes. And some trans women (not all – some trans women disagree with trans activists, or they are open to discussion, at least) except it and think that this is part of “womanhood”. Some of them try to prove they are “women” through stereotypes or through screaming they do not need to prove anything…I think that many trans activists are not even transgender – they are just surfing on fashionable wave and exhibit. I know that they could say that being girly is symbolic for their rising in feminine body – but if they were female all the time, why they wanna be girls again? Girlhood is cultural fetish.

  • Omzig Online

    I saw an advertisement for a shade of lipstick called “Empower Me Red” at the store a while ago. I thought to myself “Hallelujah! We have finally overcome sexist oppression, thanks to the help of Revlon.”

    I like how your coworker has adopted trendy, newfangled words just to avoid saying that she’s a girlie girl.

  • martindufresne
    • Meghan Murphy

      Thanks Martin!

  • Milli

    In a case you miss it :
    This is actually pretty good piece. It says loud some truth – sometimes it is “liking women” and liking femininity, not female identity. Funny is that when I pointed this out I was – guess! – labeled as TERF. And said that “…I have another minus point…” (the first one was the fact that I am pro-Nordic) and “…maybe I will not be given another chance…” (I have no idea for what…). I don´t think this situation could be more funny, sad, absurd or male-entitled. I am happy that I´m old fighter, it´s quite useful here.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Didn’t miss it

      I mean, yeah, at least he basically admits it’s all about desire and fetishization of femininity and womanhood. The bulk of the piece is focused on trashing feminism and actual feminists though, of course.

  • Morag999

    Too funny.

  • Americus91

    I’ve struggled with this one as well. We live in a blame the victim and shame the victim society. It’s really horrid. I agree completely it’s to bully people into silence and predators know they can easily scapegoat victims because of it.

  • Omzig Online

    Great website! You’ve been very busy!

    How have you faired legally? Have you been able to press charges against the men that assaulted you?

  • Hekate Jayne

    It is good to see you, Maria, and I hope that you are doing well.

    • Maria_MacLachlan

      Not too bad, thank you. x

  • Omzig Online

    Of course!

    I got the term from reading Deluions of Gender, by Dr. Cordelia Fine. Awesome book, you should definitely read it.

    • foamreality

      Thanks. I’ve got her Testosterone Rex waiting for me next. Looking forward to that.

  • Omzig Online

    The medical establishment has a lot to answer for. I give it about 25 years before we see the lawsuits start rolling in.

  • LordofLight

    Reading this excellent article and some of the comments it just struck me: You know who else plays the “if you don’t agree with me, you’re a bigot” card? Religious fanatics. Pat Robertson deployed it repeatedly in his ill-fated 1988 presidential campaign, to the point that Leslie Stahl once prefaced a question with “… and don’t call me an anti-religious bigot.” You still see from far-right groups like the Media Research Center, and even on Salon, where — I’m sorry to say — a 20-something woman wrote a piece in 2015 accusing atheists of being bigots for insufficient respect for Catholicism.

    No one owes religion respect and it’s the same with transgenderism. Which is why they resort to bully tactics to enforce their dogma, reject all counterarguments and try to silence those who disagree — still more parallels to religion throughout history. That said, even those who believe in an imaginary man in the sky and Bronze Age B.S. deserve basic human rights, as do transgender people. But their beliefs are not entitled to unconditional respect. Transactivists may want to look in the mirror next time they accuse feminists of being aligned with the religious right.

  • BornACrone

    You know the thing about this that really steams my ass … you know what will happen when this is all revealed as a sham, and a destructive one at that?


    I’m not kidding. That is always how it works out. After it turns out that this will end up with hordes of dangerous male creeps assaulting girls in changing rooms, the right wing will clutch their pearls and scream about how this is all RADICAL FEMINISM’S FAULT for insisting that “men and women are the same.”

    WE will get blamed for it.

    They have never once understood what we were saying. We have never once said that we were the same — we have said that we should not be limited in our ambitions because of our biological sex. We have said that gender is bullshit, that women AND men are talented at math, music, history, languages, everything. We have said that men carry out acts of violence against us. We have said that our bodies have different needs and that our minds should not be arbitrarily limited based on the bodies they are housed in. We have said that we have been unfairly restricted from participating in life due to men’s poisonous fear that we might outperform them at things they insist are theirs alone. We have said that GENDER IS BULLSHIT AND BIOLOGY IS NOT.

    We have NEVER ONCE said that we are the same as men.

    But that’s what they will accuse us of when this is revealed for the bullshit scam it is. Transgenderism is a crock of destructive crap, and the radical feminists loosed it upon the world, when we are the ones who have been hated and reviled for warning everyone about it.

    And of course we will hear NOTHING AT ALL of the hurt young lesbian girls whose bodies were destroyed by unnecessary hormones and mutilating surgery. The pearl-clutchers won’t care about them.

    The upshot of this will be:

    1) A bunch of entirely unharmed asshole males finally washing off their lipstick, cutting their hair, and smirking over having pulled one over on the feminazi bitches, dicks and hormones and fully functional bodies still intact,
    2) A generation of horribly physically and psychologically damaged young lesbians and unconventional heterosexual girls and women,
    3) Right-wingers saying “I told you so!”, and
    4) Radical feminists blamed for all of it.

    They’re starting to do it now. Society is already starting to wake up to the trans bullshit and BLAMING FEMINISM FOR ITS EXISTENCE.

    A generation of girls will be damaged by this horror, a generation of men will peel off the satin pajamas and gloat over the fun they had fucking with us, and feminists will once again be the bad guys for trying to warn everyone of this and catching no-platforms and punches in the face for our troubles.

    So yeah, I agree with everyone that the trans crap is going to go the way of the dodo … but WE’RE the ones who will get blamed for the whole sorry shitstorm. Guaranteed. If only you hadn’t opened your mouth, Cassandra, there wouldn’t have been any soldiers in that horse. It’s all Cassandra’s fault, everybody. Never listen to her again!

    • Hekate Jayne

      You are probably right.

      But we will be blamed as a scapegoat, and it will be because we are easily blamed. Because no one listens to us.

      And no one listens to us because we are women.

      Males listen to each other. They protect and enable each other. And that includes the trannies. They are all males, so of course, males in pants listen to males in dresses and help them out.

      Because they are males.

      Males only listen to women who agree with them. If we say that prostitution is empowering, or dudes in dresses are women, or women belong at home, then they point at those agreeable women as women that should be listened to.

      But us? No one listens. We are prudes, we oppress males in dresses by not capitulating, they misconstrue what we say because they aren’t listening and they don’t care what we want.

      This is just like everything else in patriarchy. Males control everything, make all the decisions. But they always avoid responsibility by blaming women, who have no control over anything. They destroy everything, yet, it is never their fault. It is always ours.

  • Hekate Jayne
  • Hekate Jayne

    They are never women. Only girls.

  • esuth

    I’m so glad you’re commenting here Maria. You have admirers all over the world!

    • Maria_MacLachlan

      Blimey! Thank you. x

  • Liz

    WOW your peak trans story is amazingly written! It’s such a clear account of where you’re coming from on the trans issue. I’m sorry for the trauma you endured and are still enduring. I admire you for speaking up in the face of what you’ve been through.

  • Jodie Elcarim Farm

    Absolutely. Victimhood is not a character flaw, it is not something we choose, we are made into victims by a perpetrator. When men tell us to stop ‘playing the victim’ they are putting it upon us to erase the the harm they have done to us. But we can’t un-rape or un-abuse ourselves, no matter how much anyone wants that to happen. If men want women to stop ‘playing victim’ they need to stop playing perpetrator.

    • foamreality

      Yes and many people don’t really survive abuse. They suffer it till they die. ‘Survivor’ implies a person who’s bad experience has finished. Over. No longer present. Life goes on. Except it doesn’t. For some life begins to get worse and worse. Women feel forced to put themselves in that category of survivor before they have even begun to deal with the trauma and consequences of their ordeal(s). If you do not want to be seen as a hopeless miserable self wallowing whinging ‘victim’, you better use the term survivor. But for a lot of women (and some men) thats just another burden to bear and another barrier to dealing with the problem publicly and privately. I know the counter argument is it helps promote ‘positive thinking’, but as Barbara Ehrenreich’s excellent book Bright Sided points out, ‘positive thinking’ is bullshit victim blaming.

  • lk

    I’ve said before that I have a word document where I cut and paste comments that have really stuck with me.

    This is going into that document…such a perfect explanation about why the term victim is not shameful.

    “Using the word victim helps us realize there must be a perpetrator. A survivor can be someone who survived their own mistake. It doesn’t have to have a perpetrator. The term survivor a way of re-framing everything so that we don’t think of the problem as outside of the individual.”

    I have never thought about the idea that the word victim forces us to remember that there is a perpetrator: a person or people who are inflicting the harm.

  • Omzig Online

    I agree. Plus, the words ‘radical feminist’ is now associated with the TERF slur, so I think the trans cult and their apologists will remember those of us that have opposed their corrupt ideology from the beginning.

  • Meghan Murphy

    The ‘radical’ in ‘radical feminism’ does not mean ‘extremist,’ it means ‘to get at the root.’ So all radical feminists are doing/saying within the context of the trans discussion is pointing out (over and over again) the root of women’s oppression.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Because that article was an absolutely ridiculous attempt to smear a lesbian based on something that was A) a joke, and B) a comment about her defending herself if under attack.

  • Milli

    Yeah, Andrea Long Chu is like…WTF person. I still hope that for every Andrea there is one gender critical Miranda Yardley. Endlessly optimistic…Yesterday, I discussed the theme – transgenderism and the article – with my friend who is psychologist. She confirmed that being transgender today is multilayered and that in some cases it could be just fetishism without gender dysphoria present. Sometimes it could be both. Sometimes it´s deeper issue, gender nonconforming etc. Even one trans woman I talk to few month back tell me that about a half of trans people she knows are misdiagnosed (usually by male shrink who refuse to accept reality of very feminine man). There is very little research (mainly because it´s small community). But like I wrote before, I am optimistic. I believe this is just a storm. Troubled guys who unleashed it will not stay for long.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Linda Bellos is not an ‘extremist’. You are ridiculous.

  • Omzig Online

    Saying “not all trans!” is a useless platitude. It is every bit as tone deaf as saying ‘not all men!’

    Your existence doesn’t refute feminist theory, it reaffirms it.

    We are not discussing a mere ‘handful’ of obnoxious trans cult members. We’re talking about entire parades full of males wearing lipstick and wielding baseball bats. We’re talking about thousands of documented rape and death threats from trans-identified males. We’re talking about 41% of the trans-identifying prison population in the U.K. reportedly being sex offenders and dangerous criminals.

    If you’re not among these dangerous men, then that’s great! But it doesn’t give you a free pass to ignore those that are harming female people in the name of the trans cult, and it doesn’t give you a right to dismiss our concerns because you consider yourself to be ‘gentle.’

    Tell your male peers to stop harming women before you can demand entry into our spaces. When male violence has been completely eradicated, then we’ll talk.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You clearly have no idea what ‘feminism’ means.

  • Omzig Online

    “toxic cheerleaders”? “Mean girls in high school”?

    Do grow the fuck up, sir.

  • will

    “Now I have to point out in class how Maslow promotes rape.”

    Yeah. I’ve been there in a graduate seminar. It was a small group, and happily there was not much uptake on the defence. Good luck!!

  • Wow. This is fascinating. I used the Maslow hierarchy whenever explaining marxism (among other things) but had forgotten/not noticed that safety/security is 2nd. It seems to me obvious that if you’re being raped, that counts as an urgent physical need: to make that perpetrator stop. I also would not have put sexuality on #1, because it is made subordinate by the subject: if they’re hungry, or in pain, or needing oxygen, sex is the LAST thing on most people’s minds. Sounds like there needs to be a critique which rewrites his work a bit…

  • MotherBear84


  • marv

    Also the nonhuman animals that human animals eat, consume vastly more plants than vegan humans do. Abstaining from meat, dairy and eggs results in way less plant consumption than omnivores or carnivores. Either way plants don’t have a central nervous system so they can’t experience pain.