What’s Current: Cab driver who raped over 100 women, John Worboys, is being released on parole

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  • John Worboys, a cab driver who used his job to rape over 100 women in the UK, is being released on parole after serving only eight years of his sentence, raising serious concerns about public safety.
  • An inquest shows Clodagh Hawe and her three sons were murdered by Alan Hawe after he was caught watching porn at the school where he taught.
  • Petaluma sex trafficking victim describes “constant barrage of pain and torture” she endured while she was being exploited.
  • Canadian director Paul Haggis is accused of sexual assault and rape.
  • Labour MPs have asked Prime Minister May to remove Toby Young from a university oversight office in light of past comments supporting eugenics, sexualizing children, objectifying women, and describing himself as a porn addict.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • FierceMild

    It’s a style question, really. ToMĀto toMAHto.

  • corvid

    Less sawing. I don’t have all day! 😉

    • Misanthropia

      Bite his prick off

  • BornACrone

    A female pit bull would be best, I think.

  • Can’tUnseeIt

    These are all just such sick and sad stories. How anyone can defend porn (the dead woman and her three dead children) or prostitution (the trafficked teen)? When does this stop that rapists and torturers get a free pass from everywhere? Ringing in the New Year with more of the same old hideous crap. “Patriarchal” almost seems like a quaint, possibly feeble term to describe this, perhaps Hatriarchal is more apt.

  • Can’tUnseeIt

    I agree that the porn industry is sick and evil. When people refer to porn as an “addiction” is where I am hesitant to jump on the train. People who have addictive personalities already have changed/addicted brains and can, and often do, switch addictions or have multiple addictions. I have been around addicted people my entire life; they go back generations on both sides of my family. What I see is that the primary relationship for most addicts is with their substance. In the case of sex addicts, those addictive chemicals are produced in the brain via their consistent acting out their addictive behavior and because their primary relationship is always first and foremost with their substance, social connections to others are always secondary, if they matter at all. Patrick Carnes wrote a significant body of work on sex addiction and addictive personalities in general.
    When we talk about addiction now, it is becoming fashionable to speak of it (and those suffering from it) with “compassion” and to drop the punitive approach as untenable. With porn, there is so much hate behind this that I find it difficult to access my compassion department; I ring but I always get a busy signal. Instead I think of all of the women and children who suffer directly and indirectly from this industry and that is where my compassion is aimed. Yet all addictions are not created equal in that some addictive substances you can learn to live without: drugs, nicotine, and alcohol. Food, on the other hand, you must have to live. Sex? We’re all so conditioned to think that we cannot as individuals live without it; everything is sexualized and then marketed to us as indispensable and we are to understand that whether or not we have it, or how often we have it, is somehow a measure of our intrinsic worth. Sex/It, that thing you get or give rather than sexuality as something intrinsic to your being that cannot be chopped up and marketed or traded or stolen or sold via your genitals.
    I think the men who use porn already hate and fear women and children, already have an “unhealthy sexuality coupled with disturbing attitudes toward women” (and the natural world I would add) and this epidemic of porn arises from this starting point. The industry is so successful because the seeds are already planted. It just builds on this. And these men will defend it, minimize its real harm because to admit the truth would mean they would have to look at their own hateful, heartless, soulless image in all its manifestations. And for the women who collude with the woman-hating agenda? Well, patriarchy is powerful and powerfully abusive and what better way to perpetuate itself than to train its victims to police and abuse themselves.

    • Hekate Jayne

      You said:
      “Sex? We’re all so conditioned to think that we cannot as individuals live without it;”

      I disagree with this. I think that we are conditioned to believe that MALES can’t do without sex, and that women owe it to them. That males are entitled to use of female bodies and that women are going to be available for use, and boners are more important than the safety or feelings of women.

      I understand about your lack of compassion. I have zero compassion for sex “addicts”. I don’t think it is an addiction at all, I think that males try to pass it off as addiction to cover yet more male violence. I mean, we always say that drug addicts need rehab instead of prison, right? Addiction garners sympathy, as it should.

      Sex may be compulsory, at worst. And these compulsive males are contributing to the rape of women and girls, and that is unforgivable. But I am supposed to feel badly for the sex addicted male? It is just more male manipulation, making everything about poor, pitiful males and their uncontrollable boners. Please.

      If boners are so uncontrollable, then maybe they need to be gotten rid of. Set the poor males free from slavery to their penis. That would solve it.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I don’t know how Meghan and the FC staff consistently inform and educate. I drop off every once in a while because I just can’t take it, anymore, and I have to take a break.

    It is a nice feeling to be missed, though. I was kind of shocked that some of you noticed my absence and some even came looking for me.

    It gave me feelings, lol. And I can’t readily recognize what they are because they are hidden under layers of man hate-y anger. But I do know that they are good. And appreciated.

    • Meghan Murphy


    • BornACrone

      No, quite a few of us noticed you had taken a vacation. I understand having to take a break, though. Sometimes I just need to unplug and not be reminded of how much I hate my species.

  • Yisheng Qingwa

    DING! Truth. Keep saying it.

    A culling is long overdue.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I still wonder about Tired Feminist… I hadn’t noticed Radwonka had disappeared also! I suppose we do have to assume they are just, like you say, taking a break.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I had a whole thing happen, lol.

    I had the same email for years. Two of our electronics died, my email on both of them. And Google wanted the password when I put it on a new device. From 10 years ago.

    So I lost all of my email addresses. And I had a gap of time where I had no device at all.

    The thing about radwonka and tired is that they deleted their accts. That is worrisome.


    Sometimes, a poster will post for a long time. And then they may have to delete their acct because of stalkers.

    But they usually will come back, under a different handle, but be unable to announce who they are because of stalkers. That is a thing that happens. So maybe they are here and we just don’t know for sure. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    And it is not weird to worry. We care about each other, even in this limited context. I enjoy that aspect of this community. It is the opposite of weird.

    • lk

      Does that mean you no longer have the email address that you had before? The one that I emailed you at?

  • Alienigena

    I think all the garbage in the news about men in prominent positions (and ordinary men murdering or raping) behaving badly and frankly criminally is leading me to the same conclusion. I sort of had a ‘break’ last night as I was driving back (in -24 degrees C weather on icy roads with the regular complement of speeding, truck driving bozos) from a training session (knee rehab really) and started contemplating what I would do if I was all powerful or had the ability to morph. Realised how much I resented the self-policing women are expected to do (and policing of other women, as in, are they an adequate parent, do they eat crap, do they eat meat, are they sufficiently nice (to men)) and wondered why men’s behaviour (everything from facial expressions, to choice of food) isn’t constantly monitored in the way women’s seems to be (by everyone). I could do with a nice rampage. The video of Thai women kicking a sexually aggressive American tourist (in context of a different post on FC) was so emotionally gratifying, I will have to keep it in my memory, for future use.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Yes feel free to email me I’m sure I can dig up the emails for you!