What’s Current: #MeToo movement headlined the Golden Globe awards

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Women attending the Golden Globe awards last night used the occasion to highlight the #MeToo movement, including bringing longtime justice activists like Tarana Burke, Marai Larasi, and Ai Jen Poo as their companions. The occasion was capped by Oprah Winfrey’s inspiring speech in acceptance of the Cecile B. DeMille lifetime achievement award; Ms. Winfrey is the first black woman to receive the honor.

Celebrity Big Brother contestant India Willoughby tried to force Ginuwine into a kiss and was refused.

Dorset police treated a domestic violence victim as an attacker, confiscating her phone days before she was killed by a controlling ex-partner.

Carrie Gracie quits as the BBC’s China editor over the revelation of widespread pay discrimination against women at the institution.

Zapatista women call for an international gathering of women in Mexico. Men are only welcome if accompanied by a woman, and are willing to work in the kitchen to support the attendees.

Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • lk

    Soo, let me see if I can sum up what happened with Ginuwine (a straight male) and India (a biological male/MTF)..

    India: Would you date a transwoman?
    Ginuwine: No, I would not, not if I knew she was trans. I only date women.

    Social justice warriors of the internet immediately go into a panic at the mere thought that a straight male would refuse to date another male

    Social justice warrior keyboard outrage: TRANSPHOBE! BIGOT! DISCRIMINATION!’

    For the love all of that is holy: somebody not wanting to have sex with you does not make them “xyzphobic.”

    • Hekate Jayne

      You know what, though?

      I am glad to see the trans brigade have a go at a male for a change.

      Go ahead, ladydudes! Keep at hetero males, create a “boxer ceiling”. Let’s see how the hetero males take being called BIGOTY TERFS for saying no to your ladydick.

      Males will shut that down. And since they have the societal power to put a stop to this bullshit, maybe this will light a fire under their lazy, ignorant male asses.

      • Missy

        Exactly my thoughts. Let the males harass each other for once and give women a well deserved break from their man-baby tears!

      • Divergence

        I’m not as optimistic. I don’t see change happening until they start targeting straight, white males. MTTs coerce lesbians, men of colour and even gay men (which confuses me to no end. Do you think you’re a gay man or a straight woman?) but I’ve yet to see them target a straight, white man and I doubt they will. It’s much easier to convince powerful men to support you if you go after black people and gay people than straight, white men.

        It should also be noted that the one person not up-in arms about the whole Ginuwine-India situation is Ginuwine himself. He just said “I won’t date trans women”, shrugged his shoulders and that was that. Unlike in the case of lesbians, men don’t see MTTs as a physical threat, so they can just laugh off their advances.

    • Hekate Jayne

      I just found this tweet from everyday feminism (OMG,LOL,PFFT) and it is making me happy.


      In case the link doesn’t work, it is a YouTube video by a trannie explaining why you are the terfiest, bigotiest ever if you refuse to give all of the sex to the ladydudes because you don’t like ladydick.

      The pushback is amazing. It is like that Twitter feed is full of sane people that ain’t going to buy that bullshit and see it for what it is, which is homophobia, male entitlement, and rapey as fuck.

      That riley Dennis video has been around for a while, Mancheeze took it apart, which is where I first saw it.

      Anyway, I hope we are correct in thinking that this is going to pass soon.

      • lk

        That video was just 5 minutes of nonsense…how he says all that stuff with a serious face is beyond me.

        Like how can any person say “I absolutely could be attracted to a woman with a penis” and not laugh?

        But omg, all the rational responses on twitter by people who recognize that this is nonsense makes me happy!!!

        And did you see this twitter account (@everydayobey)? They reword the ridiculous titles of the everyday feminist articles/video….Their title for this video is “Here’s How to Make Sure Your Vagina is an Inclusive Space.”

        I don’t understand how you can both claim to be an ally of women while simultaneously encouraging women to date people they don’t want to date.

        • Hekate Jayne

          How is it that males still think that they can trick or intimidate us into fucking them???? I mean, does rapey riley think that one of us is just going to throw our hands up and say “alrighty then!”???? Just looking at him makes my vagina slam shut like a door on one of those Mormon missionary dudes.

          He is fucking gross.

          And YAS to EverydayObey. To 99.99% of the responses in that thread. I had to share it.

    • BornACrone

      I’m actually shocked that they went after a straight guy. I’m waiting for one of them to go after a straight WHITE guy, though. From the pics I’ve seen on Twitter, this Ginu-something dude is black? Given the size of the overlap between alt-right MRA assholes and trans-whatevers, I imagine their pasty white asses are having a field day whitesplaining discrimination to a black dude.

      I cannot believe how spoiled and sheltered and pampered you’d need to be to act like you are being shoved into a gulag just because someone won’t let you fuck them. If that’s the hill you choose to die on, you have no other hills.

      • lk

        I was pretty shocked to see them critique a straight guy as well.

        Yes, Ginuwine is black….can you imagine what will happen when TRA’s start telling straight white guys that they need to be opening to dating men/thinking of penises as female organs?

        I think y’all are right, once TRA’s start going after people who have the power (like straight white men), this trans nonsense will disappear.

      • lk

        It never ceases to amaze me how TRA’s compare anyone not completing agreeing with every part of their ideology/wanting to have sex with them to genocide, murder, racism, slavery etc.

        Many times when they talk about trans rights, they draw parallels to Jim Crow and blacks having separate bathrooms and the treatment of Jews under Nazism.


        I mean, how delusional and clueless can you be to compare the fact that girls dont want to share their locker rooms with boys to the murders and suffering of millions of blacks and Jews?

  • lk

    Re: Golden Globes

    I never watch award shows because they are just too damn long and boring for me. Usually the next day, I just read about it online/look at the outfits.

    Initially, I wanted to dismiss the whole time’s up, wearing black as just kind of Hollywood pretending to care..but I kind of think this could be the start of something real because it seems like women are leading this movement and the focus seems to be primarily on helping women!

    I went to the time’s up website and there seems to be a real focus on educating people about sexual harassment, connecting women to resources (domestic violence, rainn, etc) and creating a legal fund to help low income women. And there seems to be an understanding that sexual workplace harassment is particularly an issue for low-income women. And they have a list of things that you can do to help…First on the list: “Don’t be part of the problem. For starters, don’t harass anyone.”


    I know there was some criticism of how the men didnt speak enough about sexism at the golden globes, but tbh, I’m glad they didn’t. It was nice to have women’s voices heard without men trying to make it all about them.

    (On a fashion note, I sort of wished that more of the women had worn pants and not worn high heels..since often times at award shows, people focus more on a woman looks than anything else).

    • Meghan Murphy

      I normally find award shows boring, and don’t pay much attention either. But this one I watched and was glad I did! Oprah, especially, was amazing, but there were lots of good moments. I’m impressed by the Time’s Up statement as well. Like you, I was not at all bothered the men didn’t speak up. This is a time for women to be heard. Also, like you, I was irritated at watching women continue to hobble around in ridiculous heels…

      • lk

        “Also, like you, I was irritated at watching women continue to hobble around in ridiculous heels…”

        I saw a comment on yahoo that said something like: “So women are protesting the objectification of women by wearing black see-through,low cut dresses and heels.”

        I would have loved if in addition to wearing the women rejected sexualized clothing as much as possible to keep the focus on the movement, showing solidarity through wearing black.

        I saw a number of articles that talked about the sexy dresses, heels, manicure, high slits, low necklines of the dresses the women were wearing with barely a mention of time’s up or why the women were wearing all black. For example, the popsugar with this title: “Plunging Necklines at the Golden Globes Prove That Solidarity Can Still Be Sexy”

        In the article they point out that “a few A-listers decided to send another message to the patriarchy by wearing sexy, womanly outfits.”



    • BornACrone

      I’m still unable to convince myself that this is anything but a passing fad. I’d like to see a commitment to hearing people diss all-male lists of nominees right up until things change, not just a one-night “let’s pretend we’re activists” gimmick. And I’m not talking shit about the women who protested, who were quite sincere. I LOVE the whole time’s up thing, and the way that it’s grown into something much larger than it was when it began, the way the women took little to no time expanding it beyond themselves and making sure it reached out into broader society and isn’t leaving anyone behind.

      It’s just that when people realize that this will take A VERY LONG TIME, decades and decades and decades, and probably centuries, they get depressed and give up, and it’s back to status quo antebellum so fast it makes your head spin. What we need to do is just commit to being steel-plated BITCHES until they civilize themselves, and make it plain that we will make them hurt until they behave — and that we will always, always, ALWAYS keep one eye on them. The split second one hand reaches out to grab something it hasn’t been invited to touch, it gets ripped off.

      This is an unpleasant way to live, though. When do we get to relax? The answer of course is never, not really.

      And who wants to stare that ugly truth in the face?

      So we kick up a bit of a fuss, the men wait it out, and then things go back to normal. I’ve just lived a little too long to have real hope about this sort of thing. I remember when we all thought things would change after Anita Hill’s testimony, and yet here we are.

      I’ve also decided that while I’d overwhelmingly prefer an experienced politician at the helm of the presidency, if that particular Rubicon has been crossed and we’ve descended into the selection of TV “personalities” and celebrities from now on, then Oprah Winfrey is just fucking fine by me. Would I rather have Hillary or Kamala Harris, or even a legit experienced right-leaning woman? Sure. But as long as we’re over the rainbow and actual qualifications don’t mean jack fucking shit anymore as long as you’re a man, then fuck it all and hand me a grenade — I’m voting Oprah. At least she’s got her heart in the right place, seems like a compulsive worker, knows what it’s like to be on the shit end of the stick, and actually EARNED her fucking billions instead of just jizzing out of the right dick.

      If being a completely inexperienced rich tee-vee shithead is good enough for a man, it’s good enough for one of us, too. If it’s not Gillibrand (who they’re starting in on already) or Harris or Hillary, then fuck the whole world and get me a beer, Oprah fucking Winfrey will do JUST FINE.

      I should get tote bags printed up: OPRAH 2020 AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, FUCK YOU.

      • Meghan Murphy

        I’m surprised to say I’m with you! I mean, I’m Canadian, so luckily we don’t have to contend with this celebrity culture that has taken over in the US, but as cynical as it is to say, I don’t have much hope for American politics, and in the current context, I would be down for Oprah, considering the options. Of course she is not MY ideal politician, but as far as the US goes, she almost seems the best they could hope for…

      • lk

        It’s possible that this may be a fad and that once people realize just how entrenched sexual abuse, harassment is in the workplace and just in the world, people…perhaps many will give up.

        Only time will tell….and I hope that the time’s up movement is not forgotten about by next year’s golden globes.

        But right now, I feel somewhat optimistic that some actual change could come of this.

  • Hekate Jayne

    You just reminded me about something I read a while back, about trannies being upset at drag queens for appropriating the trans experience.

    And I laughed. I possibly even guffawed, and in a most unfeminine manner, too! Because irony, thy name be ladydude.

    I mean, honestly. So willfully obtuse.

    I respect the trans right to live in peace, so long as they don’t trample me or our sisters. They can’t seem to do that, though, so I dislike a lot of them.

    India lost me when he claimed that women that don’t shave their legs look dirty. The male majority agrees with India, though. Isn’t that interesting.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Back when I was single and I liked males enough to have sex with one on occasion, I was rarely asked for anal. Never by the older ones, it was always the younger ones (in their 20s).

    And my response was very similar to what you said. I would say that they needed to receive anal from another male, and after I witnessed that, I would be all ready for them to have a go.

    My impression from their response was that they thought that I was passively-aggressively calling them gay. Which I was not. But they usually didn’t mention it again.

    I had it sprung on me a time or 2. Maybe they thought that I wouldn’t notice or I wouldn’t care. They were wrong, either way. And they didn’t do it again.

  • lk

    I second what Divergence below me said…I both agree and disagree with you.

    Yes, it is men who commit acts of sexual assault, it is men who protect other men who harm women and it is men who teach their sons that violence towards women is okay.

    And yes, men need to speak out about how wrong sexism is and start changing their behavior.

    But I think the Golden Globes was a moment for women to have the spotlight, not men. I think if more males had spoken at length about sexual harassment, everyone would be talking about what men said instead of on the women/time’s up organization.

  • lk

    I’m not sure who it was, but someone on here commented that if a guy wants anal from a woman, he should first agree to her putting on a strap-on and performing anal on him.

  • lk

    I don’t mind that the women dressed up, the Golden Globes is a dressy event.

    But high heels and dressing sexy is part of the larger culture where women are viewed as/treated like sex objects.

    I would have loved to see the women rocking clothing/shoes that was not sexualized. They could have rocked black tuxedos (that were tailored to not drag on the floor), black capris, shoes that did not have a heel and etc.

    When women dress sexy, people focus on how they are dressed and not on what they are saying/the message behind the black outfits.

  • Hekate Jayne

    What a thought. Canada invading us in the states. And taking over.

    The universal healthcare, the maple syrup! All of that French speaking going on. Ohohoh…..POUTINE! Gravy on fries is heaven enough, but Canada had the innovation and sense of whimsy to add CHEESE CURDS! To gravy covered French fries. And no wars!


    I would go Canadian in a new York minute. Aye!

  • acommentator

    “Looks like a covert op to decapitate the (not-) liberal Democrats while Republicans and neoliberal austerity neocon militarist capitalists get off scot-free despite throwing the occasional Roy Moore, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Matt Lauer to the wolves ….”

    Right. I am sure the conservatives somehow brainwashed all these women to think that these actors and directors and theater guys and orchestra guys all acted badly. Because you liberal and progressive guys don’t act like that, after all.

    Or are you just saying that, all things considered, this behavior is trivial in comparison with your ideological concerns and women will be better off in the long run if everybody just looks the other way, and the woman who were harassed “take one for the team?”

    I am sure being harassed by a liberal guy is much less traumatic than experiencing the exact same conduct from a non-liberal guy. Right.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I couldn’t parse what he was saying.

    I absolutely love it, when dudes compare “me, too” to witch hunts.

    Because dudes murdered and terrorized INNOCENT women to control them, steal their property, etc. Some did it just for funsies, I am sure.

    So dudes get called out for sexual assaults that they actually committed, and dudes start screaming about witch hunts.

    All of the male stupid. So big. So sad. It hurts.

    • Omzig Online

      Female definition of a witch hunt:

      a) The persecution of a female person accused of practicing witchcraft; typically punished by being tied to a post and burned alive.
      b) The wrongful persecution of a woman, typically to accomplish a political agenda.

      Male definition of a witch hunt:

      A) A butt-hurt man finally being held accountable for his abuse of women.

  • marv

    You made a typical sexist, tiresome, left wing male critique of women’s charges against men. Why put economic class oppression above sex class subjugation? What makes you think sustained and widespread subversion of male sex class power wouldn’t go a long way to undermining capitalism itself, one of masculinity’s temples? Frankly, your bro analysis lacks depth and breadth, but most of all it trivializes women’s degradation.