What’s Current: Feminist restaurant and bookstore, Bloodroot, under attack for ‘transphobia’

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  • In Connecticut, Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant — which houses a feminist bookstore and community space, and is run by lesbian feminists — is under attack for “transphobia.” In a statement posted to Facebook, the owners said:

“We find it ironic that of all the many businesses that you probably buy things from, it’s hard to imagine any of them being as supportive of not only trans people, but all people who are ‘different’ from societal norms as Bloodroot has been and continues to be. But Bloodroot, a Vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant and feminist bookstore, that has been in business for 40+ years and is owned and run by two lesbians aged 73 and 83, is the place they decide to attack.”

  • Toby Young, a British journalist and Director of the New Schools Network, has resigned from the Office for Students, which regulates and promotes access to universities, after being exposed for making comments mocking people with disabilities, refugees, and women.
  • Kerrice Lewis, a black lesbian, was shot and burned to death while locked in the trunk of a car in Washington, DC, a few days after Christmas.
  • Actor James Franco is accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with several actresses.
  • In the wake of another abusive father murdering his children in Oak Bay, BC, social workers and justice professionals have to reckon with how they failed the mother of these two girls.
  • At The Nation, Rinku Sen argues the lefty critique of #TimesUp is tired and self-defeating.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Hekate Jayne

    About fathers murdering children:

    We need to accept that male systems will not protect us or our daughters. They are meant to protect males.

    We need to stop having children. Full stop. But if we want kids, then we need to do it completely away from the sperm giver/provider. Because if we involve him, then his government will allow him access to our children, no matter how dangerous or violent he is.

    Our spaces for domestic violence assistance are subject to male governmental rules and regulations. We won’t be allowed to fully protect each other, the same way that mothers are not permitted to protect their daughters from violent sperm providers. Male law will insure that males have access to us.

    We can put a stop to some of this. We stop providing children for the world and males will learn to fall into line and stop the murdering and violence at us. It is the only way.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Kerrice Lewis, I hope you rest in peace.

    I just watched “South of Salem, the San Antonio Four” about 4 Hispanic lesbian women that were imprisoned for over a decade because they were found guilty of completely false child rape allegations. Those allegations were brought by a male that was retaliating against one of them for refusing to please his boner. He was married to her sister, and she was in high school when his demands for sex started.

    He used male systems to punish women with false rape allegations.

    Kerrice Lewis’s family will be depending on male law to find the male that murdered her in such a vicious fucking manner. But the sad fact is that male systems do not care when males murder us. That is obvious. They don’t care about us, especially when we are lesbian and/or WOC.

  • lk

    Lol, at this point I want to know what ISNT transphobic…..

    So far we know the following things are definetely transphobic:
    -human biology
    -Lesbians refusing to have sex with biological males
    -Referring to a biological male as he/him
    -women only spaces
    -Phrases like “Pregnant women”, “female biology”
    -Talking about periods, vaginas, femicide

  • JingFei

    Yeah, a grown male “afraid” of two 80 year old lesbians. SO scary. JFC.

    • lk

      And something is wrong with you if someone saying something that you dont agree with makes you feel afraid.

      The whole thing is so ridiculous and I feel awful for the owners because you know TRA’s are going to keep being relentless about this.

      The amount of energy and time that TRA’s spend going after women is mind-boggling….If only they would spend this much time going after the males who are actually violent towards transwomen.

      I can only hope that 2018 is the year that people hit peaktrans.

  • JingFei

    I lived in Japan awhile, and the low birth rate is largely due to women not wanting to be pregnant (which you can in turn, blame the patriarchal system. In Japan, pregnancy often means loss of job).
    They ARE trying to do something about it, but in the most bizarre ways lol; like inventing a baby robot designed to inspire couples (mostly women tho) to have real kids: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/japan-yotaro-robotic-baby-simulator-encourages-couples-real-kids-article-1.173036

  • lk

    Gallus Mag’s site is awesome! And thank you for sharing this.

    Getting to see all of the original post is interesting
    “My dream is starting a queer and trans intentional community and sanctuary”: Great, so create one and stop demanding entry into women’s communities and sanctuary.

    “Horrifying violent terfs”: Really, two old ladies saying that they support women is horrifying and violent. Why do TRA’s label everything violent?!

    “Transpeople are sacred”: No, transpeople are people like everyone else…they are sacred beings who are somehow better than all of us non-sacred people

    “Transwomen are brutalized every fucking day in this world”: So are women and children…what the hell does any of that have to do with these women saying that they support other women.

    (Also, did you see that some commenter is basically responding to every comment on the including a few of mine…”Lesbianism is under attack” article on FC..lol, its the same old nonsense: what about women without uterus? and my favorite: “Most of society accepts transwomen as women”…Lol, no they really dont. I didnt bother responding because whats the point?)

  • lk

    When did you start a blog?! I think thats awesome!! I’m gonna bookmark it 🙂

  • lk

    Ignore the manbabies!! I think its great you have a blog.

    You never know when someone will stumble onto your blog and learn something new, feel comforted knowing that there are women who care about other women.

    I am so glad I just happened to stumble on fc!!

  • OldPolarBear

    Yes, what Kelan Fox said.

    I had heard about the otters raping seals, and some other examples. It was a video I saw not that long ago. Not sure if it had that much of a bias, but it could have been made as a “rape is natural” argument, which we can see everywhere. Even then, I would be surprised if animals did it to their own offspring or other juveniles of the same species, like human males do. If that’s the case, maybe it’s only to the extent the females keep them away. I once personally witnessed a rape-appearing situation among a bunch of ducks, won’t go into the details unless someone ends up being really interested, and I was totally unable to do anything about it, even if I had known what to do or if I should have. It was horrifying and disturbing and really made me think about a lot of things.

    I totally get the sense of failure (but what Kelan Fox said!). As I said above, I feel helpless to do much of anything about anything, but I still want to try. There is a short video out there where about 8 different environmentalists talk about how they basically don’t see much hope for turning things around in time, but how they are not going to give up trying and why and how they keep going. I think I will look it up and watch it again and maybe share the link somewhere here if it seems appropriate and not too OT.

    • Hekate Jayne

      “Rape is natural”. Because DUCKS! AND OTTERS! Manlogicks.

      I had kind of forgotten about that line of thinking. But the same dood that agrees with that thought will get all pissy about female animals separating from males or even killing them. Yet another double standard.

      I am interested in seeing that environmentalist video. I am a near term extinction person. I think that we have maybe 10 years maximum, in reality, probably closer to 5 or 6. I read a lot about it and then i stopped, mostly because HUMANITY is destroying the planet, HUMANITY is to blame, SOCIETY is killing to earth.

      Um, nope. Males force us to add to the population, they control everything, with just a few women tokens in government as “equality” gestures. But we are suddenly included in the responsibility for the destruction that males cause? NOPE. It is still a patriarchy, worldwide. (Net neutrality hearings here in the states was a very clear picture of women being used as pawns in patriarchy. They had no power and no say. Male government put that panel together with the 2 women on the side of the public and 3 males on the side of screwing the public for money and control. When I first heard about the panel, I knew that the women would be on the side of the general good, but that it wouldn’t matter. And the way that the 3 doods treated them was abysmal. But now male systems can say “but we had women on there, tho! Totes fair, tho!”, and this is why I say that it is no big win for us to participate in patriarchy. So we can help run the oppressors’ systems?? What kind of sense does this make? They are using us to make their system appear fair. When it is obviously the opposite).

      I hate what males and their systems are doing to the planet. But I am not really upset about it. Not on a personal level.

      But on a societal and radical feminist level. I. Am. PISSED. I am not all that old, closing in on 50. But I have lived a lot of life. And it has been pretty good. I am sure most people may not think so, because I am poor, but I have had some good experiences, known some great people (including a few males, shocking, I know), and I am always learning something new.

      But these children that lots of women are being forced to have have no future at all. Or an ugly, scary, difficult one, at best.

      Because of MALES. Because of uncontrolled greed, destruction, rage, war, pollution, etc., which are all hallmarks of male systems and individual males that are literal parasites on women, children, animals and the earth.

  • JingFei

    My sharing that link was to display how ridiculous it is that the Japanese government believes robot babies are a great idea rather than analyzing the issues in the culture and society that are truly causing the problems, but not everyone likes sarcasm I suppose.
    And I certainly didn’t blame the women. Having lived there, girls talk about this in school. I didn’t want to get pregnant either. Blaming the patriarchal system was not an afterthought, that is your perception for whatever reason.