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Veronica Ivy has a point

The progressives, governments, and authorities who played along with the “trans women are women” lie are to blame for Veronica Ivy’s out. They made this mess — will they admit they were wrong?

Shape-shifting misogyny has invaded mainstream feminism

“What history teaches us about misogyny can be summed up in four words: pervasive, persistent, pernicious, and protean. Long before men invented the wheel, they invented misogyny, and today, as our wheels…

This is why the ‘true trans’ approach is a problem

Sorry, J.K., but if a self-described trans (alleged) rapist is indeed a trans person, there’s no harm or foul here—the policy just ensures proper recordkeeping. And if the suspect *falsely* claims to…

Alana McLaughlin knows exactly what he’s doing

While most sane people don’t need much convincing when it comes to the issue of men beating up women for sport, there remain too many who think allowing males who identify as…

Alana McLaughlin is a cheat

It is not the job of women to take a beating in order to validate male delusions.