What's Current: Over 200 girls rescued from Boko Haram impregnated during hostage

Technology company Alibaba posts job advert asking for “stunning” women to “excite programmers” with qualities of Japanese porn star, Sora Aoi.

Child pornography on the rise, as reported by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. The average age of child porn victims has dropped in the last decade from 12-years-old to age five or under, with 73 per cent of child porn including BDSM and “torture.”

Over 200 girls rescued from Boko Haram were impregnated during hostage.

Boko Haram stones women to death to prevent rescue by Nigerian troops.

Texas Republican lawmaker wants women to carry deceased fetuses to full term.

Historic women’s university, Smith College, now to admit male-to-female transgender students. Female-to-male transgender students are made ineligible for admission.

New blog, “Shit people say to women directors,” attempts to work as “a form of crisis intervention” in Hollywood’s staunchly male dominated institution of cultural reproduction.

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.