What's Current: Why on earth would babies need high heels?

Fetishizing infant girls. WTF. “PeeWee Pumps” are high heels for babies.

Stop the sexualization of dance choreography and costumes for little girls — sign the petition.

Utah mom finds stolen Facebook photos of her kids online, being used to promote porn sites.

Why it matters that Hollywood is run by men: “The product that they’re putting out is so influential and it’s so important, it influences people subconsciously and consciously.”

Amy Logan, a domestic violence survivor, reminds us that “it hasn’t always been a man’s world.”

A blogger is unhappy with rabble’s response to the smear campaign against Meghan Murphy. 

If you haven’t yet already, please sign the petition to support Meghan Murphy and the right to express feminist views in public without fear of harassment or loss of employment.

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and erstwhile academic in Philosophy. Follow her @Blasfemmey. Got tips? Email us.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Those shoes. It’s not just the sexualization, which so many have covered, and the heels, which make it impossible to stand, but also the toe boxes. It’s easier for children to learn to walk barefoot than in shoes that are actually shaped like baby feet (square toed, wider through the toes than through the ball of the foot), so forcing kids into any kind of shoes is bad enough. These ones suggest that these kids are going to go through life being carried about in sedan chairs, when kids naturally want to learn to be mobile as quickly as possible.

  • vince

    Thanks for your work. Feminism Current is part of my daily readings. I look forward to reading it every morning.

    I found however the Amy Logan video deeply disturbing since, in framing male violence against women as honor crimes, it culturalizes and ethnicizes and religionizes male violence against women if not patriarchy. I get and like and agree the women-empowering aim explaining that honor crimes are not “natural” nor old, but recent and constructed by men.

    However the mapping of it by A. Logan leads to basic orientalism ; the geographical map that Amy Logan uses in her speech matches the intellectual map she draws : White people and brown women threatened by brown men. Brown people and women ignorant of their own history. History of brown people revealed to themselves by white people. White people immune of male violence, except the brown immigrant threat (yes, it is from the map shown by A. Logan) : these are the disturbing consequences brought by this “honor crime” framing of male violence against women.

    Against these orientalism biais, critical race authors help : Chandra Mohanty, Sunera Thobani, Leila Abu Lughod, Leila Ahmed, and the likes. I quote by memory this 1997 text by Lamia Abu Odeh, comparing the honor of the east and the passion of the west, in their juridical and anthropological framing, as far as male violence against women is concerned : it is enlightening. These readings help de-racializing male violence against women.


    And long life to Feminist current.