What’s Current: Surprise! Lafayette shooter is white, male, & hates feminism

John Russell Houser murders two women during a film screening of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck as an expression of his misogyny and anti-feminist ideology.

John Russel Houser, 59.
John Russel Houser, 59.

“Be more polite and less defensive towards the flame-throwers” — A fantastic essay on “male feminists” and trust.

Feminist witch hunts, when witches hunt each other.

Julie Bindel visits with the women of Vancouver Rape Relief and is impressed by their old school radical collectivism. She argues the left should revisit the old methods of the feminist collective.

Brothel owner who built secret room to hide trafficked immigrants escapes ban.

Sign the petition for Amnesty International to vote NO to decriminalizing pimps, brothel owners, and buyers of sex.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Rachel

    I love that essay regarding male feminists. Such a great analogy. It happens so often, you think you find a guy that’s receptive to your feminist views, and overall they do respect what you stand for. Buy suddenly they do say or do something out of the blue, which harms your trust. Then on top of that it is often made light of, and you’re treated as though you’re overreacting. Women are taught to ignore their own intuition all the time. It can be something so small, such as your male ‘ally’ still reading misogynist magazines and websites, or joining in with their buddies having a joke at the expense of women whether if be one
    of those oh so original get-back-in-the-kitchen-and-make-me-a-sandwich jokes, or something along the lines of how fuckable a woman is, but each time it makes you question their motives and their real commitment to feminism.

    I’m so sick of killings by men being put down to mental illness. Not only does it in in fact add to the stigma for people who actually suffer mental Illness and are not violent. But it also minimises the very real danger that women face when they speak out, and even just support feminist views. It just, yet again, takes the responsibility off the patriarchy. When will men be held accountable for their violence against women.