What’s Current: Domestic abuse victim faces extradition & imprisonment in the U.S. for protecting herself & her children

domestic violence

Sign this petition against extraditing a victim of domestic abuse back to the states where she faces roughly 40 years of imprisonment for protecting the life of herself and her child.

Here’s an excerpt — seriously, a very small one — of what a lifetime of sexist comments looks like in a minute and 50 seconds.

Nick Duffy at Pink News claims that Rachel Dolezal is “very upset” that she’s been accused of racism, mental illness, and cultural appropriation while Caitlyn Jenner has been overwhelmingly supported.

Columnist Michelle Goldberg embarks on another mission to cover trans women who do not see themselves as females.

A new study at SFU claims that using any “plus size” (read: average-sized) women in advertising overrides the past 100 years of cultural influence telling us to be thin. Has SFU been receiving donations from Weight Watchers again?

In this press release, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) “welcomes the long-awaited inquiry” into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Jess Martin

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