What’s Current: Indian government announces plan to criminalize marital rape

Women's rights activists protest outside parliament in New Delhi on December 1, 2015 (Photo/Getty Images)
Women’s rights activists protest outside parliament in New Delhi on December 1, 2015 (Photo/Getty Images)

Indian government to finally criminalize marital rape.

Daniel Holtzclaw convicted of rape. Sentenced to 263 years in prison.

Black women want and need emotional justice:

“In the US, the scant media coverage on the trial of former Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who is accused of sexual assaulting 13 black women, is just one example of the deafening silence and apathy around violence toward black women. Only a few op-eds on websites covering the African American community have led the charge and asked, where is the outrage?

Some scholars and activists maintain that what’s missing are in-depth statistics regarding women and girls victimized by police. For others, the oversight is part of a broader problem: the media’s failure to provide a detailed context of how racism affects black women…

The reality of black male privilege may be hard for some to discuss or envision against the backdrop of well-documented cases of unarmed black men being killed by police. Yet, when looking within African American communities, there are some spaces where men’s issues dominate conversations, while ignoring what’s happening with black women and girls equally.”

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s surname controversy in Quebec:

“To some, the tandem surname is an expression of modern partnership. But the choice happens to put Ms. Grégoire-Trudeau at odds with the couple’s home province of Quebec, where adopting your husband’s name is neither customary nor legal.

Under Quebec’s Civil Code, women are not allowed to formally change their name at marriage and they can’t tether their husband’s names to their own either.

‘She should be called by her own family name. Didn’t her husband say ‘It’s 2015?’’ said Louise Langevin, a specialist in women’s law at Laval University in Quebec City. ‘To take the name of your husband is a patriarchal tradition. From a legal standpoint, you can’t do it in Quebec, and symbolically, it’s a step backward. This is a real anachronism.’”

Dominican court blocks law allowing abortions if mother’s life is at risk.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.