What’s Current: Sarah Palin blames son’s domestic violence arrest on Obama


Sarah Palin blames son’s domestic violence arrest on Obama.

Jada Pinkett Smith boycotts Oscars for lack of diversity.

Facebook launches new initiative against online hate speech. After the Cologne mass sexual assault in Germany, the website braced itself to delete what it considered hate speech against the male assaulters. It appears that Facebook is still not prioritizing sexist hate speech against females promoting sexual violence, misogynistic slurs, etc.

Glosswitch: “Disregarding motherhood and women’s bodies won’t help feminism.”

“The idea that there are physical sacrifices and dependencies that cannot be circumvented by modern ideas of self-definition is disconcerting.

We accuse these women of reinforcing gender stereotypes, but what we cannot admit is that if we saw a genuine end to coercive gender roles, this would not mean that more of us could identify out of the carer role. Care work is not oppression; it is life. An end to gender roles does not mean we get to be the people we always knew we could be, all the time. All of us should be carers, whether we want to or not.”

“Eat when you’re hungry, and other ways to do self-care like a man.”

“When presented with food, a woman will often ask herself, ‘Do I have time to eat?’ or ‘Do I deserve to eat?’ whereas a man will often think, ‘Yes, I’m hungry’ or ‘Mmm, food!’ That’s because men understand that food, rather than being a hindrance to everything that matters in life, can actually fuel you through life. Yes, it may sound counterintuitive and maybe even a little dumb, but science has proven that calories are important to physical and mental function. So take at least one moment out of your day for this tiny act of self-care—chew and swallow food, and feel that feeling of fullness and content in your life. There’s no telling what you’ll be able to accomplish when your cells are given the energy to function fully, like those of a man.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.