What’s Current: Republic of Ireland close to passing anti-sex buying law


A bill criminalizing the purchase of sex in the Republic of Ireland. has passed the upper house — it will have to go back to lower house before passing completely, but we’re almost there! Much love to our abolitionist sisters in Ireland!

Crimes against Native American women raise questions about police response. Local activists in Minnesota say deaths and disappearances of Native women are linked to sex trafficking and that police aren’t taking the issue seriously.

While a 14-year-old girl was testifying against Native American sports mascots, men in crowd shouted: “Get off the stage, squaw!”

Julie Bindel discusses Leeds’ new “prostitution zones” on BBC’s Woman’s Hour (listen at 33:35).

Company tries to convince women to buy “holistic herb balls” to insert into their vaginas in order to “detox” them. Doctor warns that the herb balls are actually dangerous to women’s bodies and should not be used.

Sign the petition: Demand the NHL take sexual assault and domestic violence seriously:

“As public incidences of violence against women continue to bring shame to the hockey community, the National Hockey League has steadfastly refused to change. Not anymore. We are petitioning the NHL to institute a clear, comprehensive policy of zero tolerance for players who commit acts of intimate partner violence or sexual assault.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.