What’s Current: Cops visit Roosh V. in mom’s basement

Roosh V opens the door to his mom's basement -- Photo credit: Charlie Archambault/Daily Mail
Roosh V opens the door to his mom’s basement — Photo credit: Charlie Archambault/Daily Mail

“King of Masculinity” Roosh V. gets a visit from the cops at his home in his mother’s basement. He claims to fear for his safety after an attempt to organize an international men’s right’s rally.

Kesha wins sexual assault law suit against former producer, Dr. Luke. She continues to be unable to release new music due to contractual obligations.

Zika virus reinvigorates abortion debate in Brazil, where abortion continues to be illegal “under most circumstances.”

“A judge in central Brazil has taken the rare step of publicly proclaiming that he will allow women to have legal abortions in cases of microcephaly, preparing the way for a fight over the issue in parts of the country’s labyrinthine legal system.”

SFU draws criticism for sexist — and downright creepy — energy conservation campaign.

How much more coin would you make if you were a man? Find out with this handy pay gap calculator.

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