What’s Current: Surrogacy turns humans into capital


Conference held in Paris, France for the abolition of the exploitative surrogacy industry:

“The core question in surrogacy is: Is it a technical critique or a political one? Should surrogacy be forbidden because so many women and children are exploited etc., or because it is a political question of using other people’s organs and lives for money? Surrogacy is all about selling and buying human flesh. Surrogacy is one part of the process that humans have become capital rather than owning capital.”

Pope Francis oh-so-graciously suggests that it might be permissible for women in Zika threatened countries to start using contraception. He is sure to reiterate, though, that abortion is still “a crime, an absolute evil.”

Man sentenced to (only) 11 years in prison for posing as a modeling agent in order to extort and rape young women. Maverick Rosales took nude photos of women, claiming it was necessary for a modeling career, then threatened to post the photos online unless the women paid him money and submitted to rape. He pleaded guilty to charges of sexual battery and human trafficking of a minor.

Swedish women start “groping guard” to look out for other women at swimming pools, after an increase in reports of sexual assault and harassment.

Seattle man freely enters and uses swimming pool locker room designated for women and girls. Evades police intervention and criminal charges by citing his “right to be [there]” due to new state legislation.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.