What’s Current: SFU & UBC top list for students with ‘sugar daddy’ arrangements

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

A review of “Girlfriend Experience” prostitution site Sugar Babies shows that a staggering number of SFU and UBC students pursue this arrangement in order to pay for the otherwise impossibly high prices of education and living expenses. Vancity Buzz fails to cite this as a gendered phenomenon.

A damning UBC report on poor university response to sexual assault on campus was quashed by the Graduate Student Society. Luckily, you can read it here, thanks to UBC Insiders.

Laura Munoz pens an open letter to the men she loves about the kind of men that scare the shit out of all of us:

“If a woman is frosty or standoffish or doesn’t laugh at your joke, consider the notion that maybe she’s not an uptight, humourless bitch, but rather has had experiences outside your realm of understanding, that have adversely coloured her perception of the world.”

Videogame developer Zoe Quinn opens up about her experiences of extreme online harassment, revealing that “[in] the battle of Internet mobs vs. the law, Internet mobs have won.”

Last but not least, for your update on the hot mess that is the Ghomeshi trial, here’s another one by MacLean’s (luckily this piece isn’t centred around Marie Henein’s shoes):

“There’s no question that the legal system in place to deal with sexual assault is deeply flawed. But it’s also the only system able to provide the justice the three women sought when they went to police with their allegations. R. v. Ghomeshi was a textbook lesson in how not to navigate that system.”


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