What’s Current: Nintendo employee fired after angering Gamergate crybabies

Allison Rapp
Allison Rapp

Female Nintendo employee who coincidentally had been subjected to Gamergate wrath, was fired. Kotaku reports:

“The Japanese gaming giant has faced increased scrutiny late last year when a number of recent Nintendo games, including Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fire Emblem Fates, had been altered during the localization process. These content edits largely centered on the sexualization of young girls and appeared to be altered out of an assumption by Nintendo that Western audiences would be less tolerant of teenagers being presented as sex objects.

Nintendo never did much to explain why it was making these changes, and critics looked for a boogeyman, finding one in Rapp who had a long Twitter history of supporting feminist issues (and an equally long one of seeming to be a huge Nintendo fan long before she worked for the company).”

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.