What’s Current: Sony offers Kesha freedom in exchange for public retraction of rape allegation


Sony offers to let Kesha out of her contract if she publicly retracts her rape accusation and apologizes to Dr. Luke.

Belfast woman sentenced to prison for inducing a miscarriage, after failing to raise enough money to travel to England. Today the courts heard that the 19-year-old bought medication online for home termination; however, her roommates discovered what she had done and called the police to arrest her.

“I won’t be referred to as ‘non-male’ by the Green Party while women still suffer prejudice because of our female bodies.” Samantha Rea argues that the haphazard use of new gender terminology by governmental bodies can inadvertently robwomen of essential political language.

Alice Russell highlights male entitlement in her new award winning short film, Men Buy Sex. (trigger warning for graphic descriptions of male exploitation of women). Russell says, “[Men’s] words reveal a sense of entitlement that is surprising to hear when it’s expressed by women — they are words that belong to the world of men.”

Anonymous woman shares story about the way the lack of legal protection for women online works to remove our right to free speech. She writes:

“I am also currently considering using a pen name to access my free speech rights in the future, but then I wouldn’t actually have them. I also wouldn’t accrue the same benefits that men do when they write—social media shares, backlinks, reputation building, networking, and so forth. When I use my voice, I use it at my own risk. No one has taken away my right to free speech, but MRA’s have made exercising that right pricey and dangerous. It is my “choice” to write anonymously in this post so I can tell my story without instigating another cyber-attack. That’s not really a choice.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.