PODCAST: Doctors still won’t let women choose sterilization as a permanent birth control method

Ever since Brie Ripley was young, she knew she didn’t want to reproduce. But despite her struggles with other birth control methods, doctors refused to allow her access to a tubal ligation procedure. And she’s not alone — it’s extremely difficult for women to choose sterilization as a permanent form of birth control.

Tie My Tubes is a forthcoming radio documentary, co-produced by Jocelyn Macdonald and Brie Ripley, that follows Brie’s story, also looking at the broader issue of sterilization — both voluntary and forced — and explores the reasons why it’s so difficult for women to access tubal ligation.

In this episode, I speak with Brie and Jocelyn about their project and about the barriers to real reproductive freedom.

To learn more and to find out how to hear the documentary, visit Tie My Tubes: A Radio Documentary on Facebook.

PODCAST: Doctors still won't let women choose sterilization as a permanent birth control method
Meghan Murphy

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